Sometimes the Shop Tart is like a bad boyfriend.

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She takes you for granted. She stops bringing flowers, she never tells you how pretty you are anymore and “I love you?” Forget it. But the love is still there and thriving. She could just write a thoughtful note:

Dear Gourmet Shop,

I love you. I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you with my friend Lyn’s parents; I was in the fifth grade. Back then, the bacon and Brie croissant was my choice and it’s still a fine one. But your charms are greater than a mere sandwich. A bagel served with your incomparable smoked salmon elicits joy, any morning of the week.

Bagel and lox at Gourmet Shop

My father, a true connoisseur of the turkey sandwich, finds yours imminently satisfying.

Turkey Sandwich at Gourmet Shop

My current choice (and you are so kind you never act irritated when I order something not quite on the menu) is the seasonal green salad, with a side of the aforementioned smoked salmon.


Seasonal Green Salad at Gourmet Shop

And after:

With Salmon.

And your dressing? How can I begin to do it justice? Although I don’t eat a great deal of bread – must watch the figure – I have to have a slice or two to soak up the rest of my salad dressing. I simply must.

Speaking of that not-so-girlish figure, peering into your dessert case makes me giddy. These new little watchamacalits, only 99 cents and small enough not to count as an actual dessert, are brilliant. As are the cookies, and cakes, and everything else*.

yummy desserts at Gourmet Shop. Only 99 cents!

Even my French mother-in-law loves you, and she’s a tough nut to crack, as I well know. She and I both frequent the shop. I could spend hours looking at cookware, fancy coffee makers, cheese, wine and all the things I love. I’m thrilled to see you’re carrying Le Creuset again, even in my beloved “kiwi.”

Kiwi teakettle by Le Creuset

My sister-in-law raves about her Tagine, and I’m always up for a new kitchen product, so I have this on my list for Mother’s Day (Does it come in kiwi?)

LeCreuset Tagine at Gourmet Shop

Though I don’t need another colander, I must admit these are lovely.

Le Creuset at Gourmet Shop

Every time I come for a visit, I find something new and delightful, like this flour sack kitchen towel – so useful, yet so fab**…

Bird floursack tea towel at Gourmet Shop.

There is no way to express the deep and passionate love I have for you, but it’s there, old friend. Can’t wait to sit outside when the weather turns warm – see you soon!

The Shop Tart

Ahem. So, the Shop Tart has never really featured the Gourmet Shop, maybe because it’s a classic and she assumes you already know about it. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re new in town. Maybe you just need a gentle reminder, so here it is. As an aside, one of the Shop Tart’s absolute favorite times to go is in the late afternoon for a glass of wine and a cheese or pâté plate. There’s not a day of the week she doesn’t want to do this…so call her!

In other news…

  • M Boutique has a new line of Cup dresses from Ellen and Ollie, priced to please your pocketbook at $118 to $128.
  • Fashion Week is so exciting. Can’t wait to see pictures from Lola and VanJean’s trips!
  • Did you miss “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” Tonight you have another chance. From 5 to 8 pm, art will be on display at 701 Whaley. In case you hadn’t heard, there’s some kind of recession going on. The upside? Everything goes on sale sooner rather than later. Even art! Time to add a little culture to your surroundings.

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

* Like the chicken salad, three-cheese pannini, pâté plate, croissants, egg salad, spinach salad and deviled eggs. Oh, my goodness, those deviled eggs…

** And so sold out. The Shop Tart thinks it would make a lovely hostess or shower gift, but there was only one left, so she had to buy it for herself. The lovely Linda has assured her there are more on order.

One comment on “Sometimes the Shop Tart is like a bad boyfriend.
  1. Kathryn says:

    I liked you, Shop Tart, b/c you never seem like some stuck up mean girl, but it’s not nice to buy the last one and tantalize us with a photo of it. The bird tea towel. Gotta have it. I do hope Linda gets the tea towels in soon–I can’t haunt the Gourmet Shop much and keep my pledge to avoid “white stuff” until Easter.

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