Fake shopping, more fun than you think.

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After Phillip Lim on Wednesday, the Shop Tart stayed with the ladies of VanJean for their Kenneth Jay Lane appointment. Kenneth Jay Lane makes fab costume jewelry, on-trend season after season with plenty of classics, too. The showroom is delightfully old-school. (It actually smells like smoke, which somehow manages to be charming instead of unpleasant. Perhaps because the Shop Tart is such a fan of Mad Men?) From the elevator, they emerged into a small foyer and entered the office. There were piles and piles…and piles and piles of lovely jewelry.

Kenneth Jay Lane.

The Shop Tart felt like a four-year-old at a dress-up party. She tried to focus, she really did, but found herself moving from shelf to shelf rather quickly. Then back again, then across the room, then around the corner, and so on. She was also trying to be quiet, because the ladies had a job to do and she was there as an observer. After Mary and Susan had filled a few trays with their picks, they sat at a table to discuss their order with a representative, picking up piece after piece, deciding yes or no and naming a quantity if the answer was yes.

Kenneth Jay Lane.

Kenneth Jay Lane.

Kenneth Jay Lane himself walked around, stopping here and there to comment, nice as he could be. There were several pieces the Shop Tart hoped the ladies would order. (Frankly, she didn’t pay too much attention, because she likes surprises.) How much do we love the deco cuff?

Kenneth Jay Lane.

And turquoise? Lovely.

Kenneth Jay Lane.

These wooden bangles will be featured in an upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Kenneth Jay Lane.

Love the ring, too.

Kenneth Jay Lane.

The Shop Tart desperately hopes this insane bird ring was ordered. If it was, don’t plan on getting it, because she will fight you for it. For real. Love!

Kenneth Jay Lane.

Just a few more…

The Shop Tart can’t possibly imagine how buyers do it, choosing things for everyone, not just themselves. Agonizing! At the same time, there’s something very enjoyable about being in a place where you can look, love, but not buy, at least not until spring.

Speaking of things you can’t have until spring, the Shop Tart has very exciting news. Liz at Kicks informed her that Kicks picked up Hayden-Harnett at Coterie the other day. Having Hayden-Harnett in Columbia has been a life-long dream of the Shop Tart’s. She does hope they’ll carry a few of the cuff bracelets, some fab clutches and an enormous hobo or two for the Shop Tart to crave. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, check out their website. Down to a piece, the Shop Tart loves it all. Season after season, they put out collections that are edgy and fun without being too trendy. They last forever and are incredibly functional. Look for bags lined with fabric and plenty of pockets so you can find things. Can we get a round of applause for Jackie Howie and the ladies at Kicks? Hooray!

Yesterday, the Shop Tart and her friend M. wandered the streets looking for nothing in particular. Look for pictures on Monday of their favorites, including Legacy in SoHo, an amazing boutique with its own private label as well as new and vintage things. Heaven! They also spent a little time on the Lucky Magazine Boutique Crawl, stopping in Alexis Bittar long enough for a glass of bubbly and some earrings.

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

3 comments on “Fake shopping, more fun than you think.
  1. Susanna K. says:

    So many of those pieces bring back memories of the jewelry box full of costume baubles I played with when I was little. Beautiful modern interpretations of classic and retro jewelry! I especially like the gold nugget necklace in the 2nd pic.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Mad Men!

    I love love love the look–glad I don’t actually have to deal with the reality of sexism, racism, etc.

  3. Not to make this blog all political and stuff (’cause you know it ain’t!) but I think Mad Men also serves to remind us that in some cases we haven’t come as far as we should have. But then I forget about all that and just look at the clothes. And wish I still smoked. And that it didn’t cause – you know – cancer and stuff.

    Debbie Downer 😉

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