Lucky Boutique Crawl (Hmmmm…can we have one here?)

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On Thursday evening, Lucky Magazine hosted a boutique crawl on Bleecker Street. That’s in New York, y’all. It was loads of fun, rife with discounts and free bubbly, and the Shop Tart thinks Lucky should recreate it right here in Columbia. The crawl started at 6 pm and the Shop Tart and her friend arrived early, so they decided to pop into Fish, a raw bar that reminded them of home.

Fish on Bleecker Street

They started with the Red, White and Blue special – six oysters and a glass of red or white wine or a Pabst Blue Ribbon for eight dollars. The wine was just fine, although the Shop Tart has no recollection of the name.

Fish on Bleecker Street

The oysters were exactly what the ladies wanted. Is there anything better on an ever-so-slightly-chilly fall afternoon?

Fish on Bleecker Street

After the raw oysters, they wanted more wine. It seemed like a good idea to order more food to go with the wine and they opted for angels on horseback, oysters wrapped in bacon and served with cocktail sauce and a healthy dollop of horseradish. Pretty good, not bad.

Fish on Bleecker Street

The music in the restaurant lulled them (Hooray for Zeppelin!) and, tout d’un coup, it was nearly seven o’clock. The ladies started walking. The boutiques were crowded in a fun, not irritating, way. The Shop Tart is happy to see people getting pleasure out of shopping again. Everyone was in a good mood, quite possibly due to the free drinks at several boutiques. The Shop Tart did not allow the crowd at Alexis Bittar to deter her; she knew she was shopping there thanks to the 15% discount. In these situations, the Shop Tart recommends making eye contact with a salesperson and establishing yourself as someone who’s there to shop, not just score free Prosecco. That being said, when the salesperson offers a glass, do take it. Darby was nice as she could be and very patient as the Shop Tart wandered around the shop. She was looking for non-dangly earrings to go with everything. She found a pair of Lucite pyramid studs, but wasn’t sold on the color. Darby brought out plenty of other colors from the back and the Shop Tart settled on black. She wore them out of the store. Hooray! She also fell in love with – but did not buy – this fab cuff.

Alexis Bittar, Lucky Boutique Crawl.

More wandering ensued. There were twenty-four stores on the crawl, including James Perse (love the knit basics), Marc by Marc Jacobs, Reiss (new to the Shop Tart, fun dress-up clothes from the U.K.), Intermix, Cynthia Rowley, Lulu Guinness, Bond No. 9, 7 for All Mankind and Diptyque. The ladies stepped off Bleecker and into Plaza Too, where the Shop Tart saw…Repetto jazz shoes. When she was in middle school , she desperately wanted to wear her jazz shoes to school and her mother wouldn’t let her, because they were expensive as h*ll and had soft leather bottoms that the concrete at school would have ripped to shreds. Maybe now is her chance. [Feel free to insert Jazz Hands here.] Perhaps the resurgence in jazz shoes’ popularity is due to the newest Fame movie. Or not.

Plaza Too, Lucky Boutique Crawl

Plaza Too is a bright, big boutique with lots of different brands. They carry everything – shoes, clothing and accessories. Love the stack of bracelets.

Plaza Too, Lucky Boutique Crawl

Also love the cute guy watching the door. Mwah!

Plaza Too, Lucky Boutique Crawl

After Plaza Too, the ladies were tired. They had been joined by a New York friend who recommended stepping into Turks and Frogs, a wine bar around the corner. Turks and Frogs made the Shop Tart feel almost as cool as a real city girl and she enjoyed the people-watching as much as she did the wine. After Turks and Frogs, they stopped in Fresh. As much as the Shop Tart loves Fresh, she decided it would be easier to buy it at Pout in Columbia, where the crowds are less extreme. She does adore Fresh, though, and so should you. Their Crème Ancienne is the absolute bomb.

Fresh, Lucky Boutique Crawl

Olive and Bette’s seemed like a cool shop, but the Shop Tart was tired and dreaming of the dragon roll on the Shang terrace back at her hotel.

Speaking of the dragon roll, the Shop Tart has learned via Google that the sushi menu on the terrace at the Thompson LES debuted the week she was there. Thumbs up, y’all, because everything she tried was delicious. She particularly enjoyed the aforementioned dragon roll, the firecracker roll and steamed spinach and pine nut dumplings. The ladies finished their final evening at the Thompson LES on the terrace, sipping Sancerre and loving sushi. The Shop Tart wanted to get some sleep so she could be alert for her visit to meet Aimee Cho at the Gryphon showroom the next day*.

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

P.S. Today and tomorrow are the last days to use your special Shop Tart discount at Soak, 10% off any service over $30 scheduled Monday through Wednesday. Go get that fab graphite mani you’ve been wanting. it will look great with your Alexis Bittar cuff from Non(e)such!

* That was foreshadowing, y’all. Very obvious foreshadowing.

2 comments on “Lucky Boutique Crawl (Hmmmm…can we have one here?)
  1. Kathryn says:

    How about a ShopTart Stagger?

    Re: Jazz shoes. I just bought a wonderful pair of pearly medium blue Bloch ballet flats–intended for street wear–they have a thin heel with clear rubbery stuff in it, but the sole is thin leather, and I am debating whether to have thin rubber half soles put on or not. They will certainly last longer if I do, but I did that on two pairs of similar shoes when I lived in Maine (or else I’d never wear them out of the house there), and they stiffened up a lot—lost that lovely dance shoe flex. I still have and wear the shoes, though. Thoughts?

  2. Carlie says:

    Olive and Bettes is a super cool store…they used to have an internet site back in the day. Well, they still do, but more like a blog. I used to buy all my cool stuff from there. 🙁

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