A day of cheap treats.

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Every now and then, the Shop Tart gets stuck with one or two children while her husband takes the other one or two to some activity or another likes to spend special time with just one of her children. On Saturday, she had the perfect chance to do that. She and the Tank were in the mood for a little breakfast at around two in the afternoon. When the Shop Tart proposed a trip to the Original House of Pancakes in Trenholm Plaza, he was intrigued.

“WHAT?! I think that place has syrup on top! WE WILL GET STICKY!”

And he was totally happy about that. He asked more questions.

“Do you walk in the pancakes or are they just on top of the house?”

“Will we get squished by the pancakes?”

“Is it too sticky?”

“Do we need a bath when we get home?”

His mother assured him everything would be fine. When they arrived, he was somewhat disappointed – and also relieved – that the restaurant did not match his vision. He immediately decided he wanted blueberry pancakes. He also wanted to sit on the same side of the booth as his mother.

“Because I will be lonely all by myself.”

At the last second, he changed his mind and chose grilled cheese with fruit. There was also a delicious pickle but he removed it immediately, lest it sully his perfect meal.

Original Pancake House.

Before the food had arrived, he remembered he did want a pancake, but not blueberry. At OPH, this is not a problem; he ordered a single pancake à la carte.

Original Pancake House.

His mother agonized. She couldn’t decide between a plate of piping hot latkes and the Florentine crêpe. She asked the waitress for an informed opinion and was thrilled to learn that – at OPH – crêpes come with four latkes! Woohoo!

Original Pancake House.

You must see inside the crêpe, though the cell phone pic doesn’t do it justice. It was filled with fresh spinach, flavorful aged cheddar, mushrooms and onions. The Hollandaise was just right and the sweetness of the thin pancake was perfect.

Original Pancake House.

And the latkes? The Shop Tart likes her crispy little potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream.

Original Pancake House.

The pickle, of course, was from the Tank’s plate. And it was particularly good. You know what else is good? French press coffee. At OPH, for the very reasonable price of $3.49, you can get your very own French press at the table, with Kapalua Kona or Ethiopian coffee. This pot would serve two, but you might order a second if you wanted more than a cup and a half each.

Original Pancake House.

So – and you didn’t hear this from the Shop Tart – OPH doesn’t offer wi-fi. But you know who does? Starbucks, right next door. “Some wi-fi users who also like a good breakfast” have found that sitting in the front corner of the restaurant on the side closest to Starbucks allows the user to get a pretty strong signal. If that’s what you want.

In other cheap treat news, Mr. Shop Tart discovered an excellent beauty product, King of Shaves AlphaGel for sensitive skin. He has been using it on his face and his wife is using it in all sorts of places. (Including her face. True story: A lot of women shave and there are dermatologists and estheticians who recommend it. Because you’re really just exfoliating.) Anyhow. It has tea tree oil, an anti-bacterial. That can help prevent acne and even offer some protection against underarm odor. The aloe is nice and soothing and moisturizing. The gel is thick, so you don’t need to use much at all. This already inexpensive tube could last for months. Love.


Speaking of things that are cheap, do you like cake? You can get some free cake at Pink Sorbet today! Today is Lilly Pulitzer’s birthday and Pink Sorbet is having a party. There will be cake, a card to sign, giveaways, plenty of sale items (including some fall merchandise) and free gifts with purchase. Spend $150 and get a limited edition Lilly passport cover or spend $500 and get a fab Lilly tote. See you there!

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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P.S. Don’t forget: You can still enter to win one of two fab gift bags from Columbia Museum of Art’s Ladies Night Out. All you have to do is tell us about your favorite pair of shoes!

P.P.S. You know where you should go eat tonight? The bar at Terra. On Wednesdays, they offer one of their amazing brick oven pizzas and a glass of pinot for just $12. Or bring a friend and make it a bottle for only $26. Ding dang deal, y’all!

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2 comments on “A day of cheap treats.
  1. Ben Johnson says:

    So can you buy the King of Shaves gel in Columbia, or is Amazon the easiest place to get it?


  2. Ben – I’m pretty sure Mr. ST got it at Target – I know he didn’t order it. I don’t think there are any locally owned places that carry it.

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