The Oyster Bar!

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Want to take a quick beach vacation? Right after work? The Oyster Bar is the bomb. The Shop Tart was late to meet Tracie there and she felt bad about it, until she walked in the door and saw her friend, already sitting happily at the bar enjoying a martini. The atmosphere was low-key and the Shop Tart felt like she had left town and was meeting her friend in cool spot on the coast. They headed back to the oyster bar (as opposed to the bar bar up front) and the Shop Tart snapped a photo of the aforementioned martini, now somewhat depleted.

The Oyster Bar.

She was happy to see a muscadet on the menu, described as the perfect accompaniment to oysters. (True.)

The Oyster Bar.

And oysters it was. The ladies started with a half dozen and they were delicious, shucked right in front of them by their very own shucker. Mr. Shop Tart always shucks oysters for his wife; this is one of the best things about being married. This waiter? Would make a great husband.

The Oyster Bar.

All of the waiters were having a good time and – yet again – the Shop Tart felt like she was on vacation. But these guys aren’t just fun, they know their stuff. When one of them overheard the Shop Tart and Tracie chatting about oyster farming and how it was actually good for the environment, he chimed in,

“One oyster can filter up to fifty gallons of water a day!”

The Shop Tart was glad to have this information, as she is always telling people how great oyster farming is for the environment, as she shovels them into her mouth, “r” months be d*mned. Now she has an actual fact to back up her claim. Hooray!

Tracie sampled the gumbo, which the Shop Tart tasted and enjoyed – there was plenty of “stuff” in it, nice and hardy. In fact, a cup of this and a nice glass of wine would be a great afternoon treat on this cold, wet day!

The Oyster Bar.

A second martini was ordered, along with another perfect glass of muscadet.

The Oyster Bar.

The Shop Tart was particularly enamored of the cocktail sauce, which she assumes is Mother Shucker’s, served warm. Delish!

The Oyster Bar.

Mother Shucker’s sauce was created by Oyster Bar owner John Sparrow’s mother, Mary. Mary was on WACH Fox with Brian McConchie and Henry Rothenberg recently, offering up samples. You can see that here.Warning: It will make you hungry and the Oyster Bar doesn’t open until 4 pm.

Next, the Shop Tart ordered steamed shrimp, offered with a choice of seasoning: Old Bay, Cajun, garlic, jerk, Greek or lemon pepper. She chose the classic Old Bay. next time, she’ll try them with no seasoning at all, so she can enjoy that delicious sauce even more.

The Oyster Bar.

The ladies also tried sides of slaw (thumbs up)…

The Oyster Bar.

…and potatoes with cheese and bacon. What’s not to love?

The Oyster Bar.

You do know the Oyster Bar is the perfect place to hole up on a cold, rainy day like today, right? The Shop Tart enjoyed her meal immensely and was thrilled to see Sriracha was available. Her fave!

The Oyster Bar.

After Oyster Bar, the ladies headed to 701 Whaley Street, where they watched Faun Fables perform and checked out the newest CCA exhibition, Mike Lavine’s Precious 020. The Shop Tart has been watching the installation and was looking forward to seeing the end result.

She is afraid Jeffrey Day snapped a goofy photo of her kneeling down to smell the exhibit. She had to. She knew touching it was unacceptable, so she had to smell it. You should, too. Just don’t sneeze. Do you like to party? The artist’s reception is happening Friday night, 7 to 9 pm. Admission is free for 701 CCA members and a $5 donation is suggested for others. (You could also just join that night. Because you are cool.)

But back to the Oyster Bar. Yes, you’re probably going there tonight or on the next chilly day. You should also mark your calendar for this Sunday. Starting at 2 pm, join the Oyster Bar and nearby Pearlz for Shuckin’ on Park. Sounds like a plan!

Shuckin' on Park!

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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4 comments on “The Oyster Bar!
  1. Mary Sparrow says:

    Gosh! Thanks so much for coming to the oyster Bar. Will be glad to have you back and help you imbibe again! Sorry I was not there to say “hello” from the Mother Shucker.
    You are right about the Shuckers and the staff! Great folks all of them.

    It is a pleasure to have you. Please come back! Bring the “Tank”! He is so cute.

  2. Susan says:

    I lived in Lexington, SC about a lifetime ago but not so long that I didn’t have the chance to eat at The Oyster Bar. It was Fabu! As a gourmet retailer, I was thrilled to see the sauce available and jumped on it right away. Get your Mother Shucker’s Sauce in Wilmington, NC at The Seasoned Gourmet! YUM!

  3. David says:

    Would love for someone to contact me about hosting a Christmans drop-in. David

  4. David says:

    Just bought the coupon from dealsaver! Food looks great, excited to sample.

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