Sharing love for some old friends. (Alt. Title: Tan Safe, Baby!)

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“What’s that awesome smell?” the Lady M asked, upon entering the Shop Tart’s room.

Gurrrrrl, that’s my tan!,” the Shop Tart responded.

Yes, her tan smells lovely. And she’s almost out of it. Sadly, she forgot to stop by Pout before she left to buy more. It smells like the beach. And it moisturizes. And it actually gives the Shop Tart a tan, sans cancer risk. What is this miracle product? St. Tropez’s Everyday Gradual Tan for Body is the bomb.

St. Tropez Everyday

Before she left, the Shop Tart tanned – twice! – with the more intense St. Tropez Instant Self-Tanning Mousse, also available at Pout. She would like to point out that the title is a little mis-leading. The “instant” factor comes from color in the product, the tan actually develops as you wear it and it looks better after showering. The Shop Tart recommends putting it on at night – it dries very quickly – and showering in the morning for a very natural looking glow! Also? Use gloves, so you don’t get over-tanned palms. Hooray!

St. Tropez Self-Tanning Mousse.

BTDub, the Shop Tart is sure you want to rush right down to Pout to get your tan on, but you will have to wait. They are closed for inventory at the moment, but will re-open on January 3rd. And we will all tan together!

Yesterday, the Shop Tart took her tanned self to the spa here at Dreams Riviera Cancun, where she and the Lady M enjoyed massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. (The Lady M skipped the facial in favor of a longer massage.) They used vouchers from the resort to get a little discount ($40 off any 50 minute or longer service.) The Shop Tart had an hour long deep tissue massage, an hour long facial with an additional 25 minute eye treatment and a delightful papaya mani/pedi. Her final tab was $310, which seemed pretty reasonable. Gabriela, the Shop Tart’s therapist for the day, was absolutely lovely and the spa is gorgeous! (And a special mention for the cookies in the slideshow below, because they don’t look like much, but they were delicious! They reminded the Shop Tart of her favorite cookie in college, Canada’s Peek Freans Bran Crunch biscuits. Gross name, delicious cookie.)

The Shop Tart arrived back at her room to find her bed perfectly made…

Dreams Riviera Cancun.

…and her toiletries organized. And why does no one do this for her at home?

Dreams Riviera Cancun.

Après spa, the ladies checked in with their darling families and had a late lunch at Oceana, where the crab and jalapeño wontons are some kind of yummy.

Oceana, Dreams Riviera Cancun.

As is the shrimp ceviche.

Oceana, Dreams Riviera Cancun.

After lunch, there was some playing and wandering. Before dinner, the Shop Tart enjoyed the sunset from her balcony.

Dreams Riviera Cancun.

For dinner, les familles went to Portofino, a fancy sort of place (Mr. Shop Tart got sent back to his room to change into long pants) serving Mediterranean food. It was well worth the change of pants – the food was pretty darn good. First course included really good carpaccio…

Portofino, Dreams Riviera Cancun.

..and this delicious salmon and walnut thing. On the menu it may have been called salmon mousse. Whatevs. It rocked.

Portofino, Dreams Riviera Cancun.

The Shop tart enjoyed her arugula salad and the Tank ate the heck out of some bread sticks and this bread. (The ciabatta was excellent, as was that cheese biscuit-looking thing. And the Shop Tart don’t eat carbs unless they’re good.)

Portofino, Dreams Riviera Cancun.

Speaking of the Tank, he was in rare form. Portofino had a wonderful effect on him. His mother complimented him after dinner on his excellent manners, good humor and general conversational skill. Hooray for Portofino! The Tank loved his penne alfredo and his mother was thoroughly please with her salmon served with sautéed vegetables and cauliflower foam.

Portofino, Dreams Riviera Cancun.

The X-Man enjoyed his risotto al funghi, which he was excited to see on the menu as he is a big Gordon Ramsay fan. (As is his mother, because Chef Ramsay is a great cook. And hawt.) His older brother loved his lamb chops; he is having a meat festival this week, as la famille doesn’t often indulge at home. Mr. Shop Tart’s clams linguine was delightfully buttery.

Portofino, Dreams Riviera Cancun.

Dessert was delicious, some sort of chocolate ganache, covering something that almost tasted like cheesecake but better, covering something kind of nutty. Hooray!

Portofino, Dreams Riviera Cancun.

The Tank ordered the same dessert but decided to turn it into a face instead of eating it. Because he was so quiet and polite about it, his mother allowed this lapse to go unremarked.

Portofino, Dreams Riviera Cancun.

And today? Who knows? Can’t wait!

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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4 comments on “Sharing love for some old friends. (Alt. Title: Tan Safe, Baby!)
  1. April says:

    Do I spy with my wandering eye a travel-sized Elnett? Where from?? Do share!

  2. SEB says:

    Gee Your Tan Smells Terrific

  3. April! You do! I love it! I buy a few whenever Target has them. (They don’t always.) I also found them here.

  4. SEB – Yes, it does. Smell it!

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