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This morning’s post will be just that, because the Shop Tart has to get on the road to make a yoga class in Washington, D.C. After returning from Myrtle Beach yesterday, she went straight to a shoot for WACH at Folline Vision. (Can’t wait for Tuesday. The shades for fall are gorgeous.) After that, she had a very important ionic detoxifying foot bath appointment. (Yes, she’ll be posting about that one soon.) Then she had to go to Terra, because she’s a big fat cheater, albeit with a good heart. Last night, she had the great pleasure of cooking dinner for Otis Taylor and Kim Kim Foster-Tobin of The State and Morihiko Nakahara of the South Carolina Philharmonic. And her children. And what does that have to do with Terra? Well.

The Shop Tart had decided to make pad Thai. She uses a recipe from one of her favorite cookbooks of all time, the awkwardly named The Best of Vietnamese & Thai Cooking: Favorite Recipes from Lemon Grass Restaurant and Cafes. She usually makes it with shrimp, but had a hankering for duck. On the way down to Myrtle Beach, she realized she had no idea how to make the duck confit she craved. What to do? She called Terra and begged for some of theirs. Happily, her wish was granted and the pad Thai turned out great, but that’s Otis’ story for The State. (Well, it isn’t just about the pad Thai, but that’s part of it.)

The Shop Tart believes in making healthy choices, so when she’s confronted with a box of Terra’s divine duck confit, she can eat with abandon, sans guilt. This weekend, she’ll be eating up a storm in D.C., but this week? She ate clean. She enjoyed two different lunches at Rosewood Market and they were both new to her. The first was on Tuesday, tofu chop suey. This was so good, it almost didn’t seem healthy. Yum, yum, yum!

Tofu chop suey from Rosewood Market.

The next day, she ate there again, intrigued by the French (vegan!) pâté with Brie and gazpacho. The Brie, bien sûr, was not vegan, but neither is the Shop Tart. She took it home and couldn’t resist a splash of wine, since it was French and all. Y’all? There is something special about a little glass of wine at home with lunch, smack in the middle of the week. The Shop Tart enjoyed a leisurely lunch, reading the paper like she always intends, but never does.

French lunch from Rosewood Market.

The pâté was surprisingly good. The Shop Tart shouldn’t have been surprised, because when has Rosewood Market ever been wrong? But vegan? Pâté? Yes! She bought more and served it as an appetizer last night. Bonus: the children love it. As an appetizer, she served it with Mediterranean Baked cracked pepper lentil crackers, also from Rosewood and crazy tasty.

Yummy crackers from Rosewood Market.

Tomorrow, Rosewood Market will be serving brunch and you’ll be able to buy some McClellanville shrimp in the parking lot, if you are so inclined. Serving suggestion:

  • Boil the shrimp with a bunch of salt and ten to twelve cloves. (True. The Shop Tart’s French mother in law does it and it’s delicious.)
  • Squeeze lemons on the shrimp and serve it with Rosewood’s chipotle mayo.
  • Pat yourself on the back for serving something so simple and delicious.
  • Feel lucky that you live in the great state of South Carolina, where we can get things like fresh McClellanville shrimp.

Even at the Publick House earlier in the week, the Shop Tart made a healthy choice. She mixed up housewife sangria, right at the table for herself and a friend. Her order? One double shot of raspberry Stoli, two glasses of pinot grigio, two large cups of ice, a cup of lemons and limes,* and several pint glasses of club soda. Mix to taste, serves two!

Housewife sangria at Publick House.

And she chose a healthy snack, hummus, heavy on the celery, light on the pita. Publick House’s hummus is thoroughly respectable, actually quite good, especially with a little lemon.

Publick House.

Now that the Shop Tart is full of healthy food, she’s looking forward to a long drive, a hot yoga class and a delicious dinner. Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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* Not-so-confidential to Kim Kim, Morihiko and Otis: There’s that Oxford comma. It just feels right. And the Shop tart Style Manual allows it in such cases.

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  1. Steve Hait says:

    Here’s to the Oxford comma, duck confit and the Rosewood Market!

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