Early morning haul.

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Today is another 20 percent off day at Rosewood Market. How do you get the discount? Just ask! The Shop Tart popped in early this morning to stock up, but before she shares her haul, you need to know about this. Do you ever resolve to take fish oil? And you do it for a few days, but then you stop, because you can’t handle the fish burps? No? Well, skip the next part. The other day, Rosewood had samples by the cash register of Nordic Naturals DHA supplements, for children and adults. They were supposed to be chewable or swallowable*. The X-Man chewed it and — we won’t say exactly how he described the taste — but he recommends swallowing them.

Nordic Naturals at Rosewood.

His mother swallowed a couple of these.

Nordic Naturals at Rosewood.

So, here’s the thing. Don’t chew them. The X-Man and his mother were both pleasantly surprised by the taste of their ensuing burps, delightfully strawberry, not unpleasant at all. Actually quite tasty. Grossed out? Don’t be, because fish oil is really, really good for you!

This morning, the Shop Tart headed to Rosewood to take advantage of 20 percent off day. She’ll probably go back later this afternoon to grab half a dozen things she forgot. In her cart…

Olive oil, because she was out of it, and a can of vegetable soup, because she recently introduced her children to Campfire Stew and they love it. Recipe: Brown some ground beef, pour in a can of coup. Make toast. Spoon the stew over the toast. Easiest dinner ever. Make it whole grain bread and ground turkey or — even better — Boca crumbles and you have a reasonably healthy meal.

Rosewood Market.

Palmetto Pepper Potions hot sauce, another necessity that was missing from her kitchen counter, because she goes through hot sauce like…whatever you go through really quickly.

Rosewood Market.

Crackers that she should not buy — Mediterranean Baked lentil crackers — because they are so good, like the proverbial crack. She also picked up a container of vegetable stock, because she’s too lazy to make it and seems to reach for it fairly often.

Rosewood Market.

Baby carrots, because the Shop Tart employs that age-old trick of leaving them out in heavily trafficked areas of her home, knowing her children will absentmindedly eat them. Hooray for vegetables! The thyme is for sauteing the rest of her Gnome Grown Mushrooms from the All-Local Farmers’ Market, in butter of course.

Rosewood Market.

These millet and flax spinach wraps from Sami’s Bakery are insanely delicious, so much like junk food the Shop Tart has to keep reading the label, to make sure they are healthy. Many thanks to Tracie for introducing her to them. Underneath, there are some softer spinach wraps, perfect for making omelet wraps for the children in the morning, which they can eat in the car without too much mess if they’re rushing out the door. (Doh! Forgot frozen spinach, which is perfect for adding to the omelets.)

Rosewood Market.

Daiya, y’all. It’s dairy-free cheez. That melts. For real, yo.

Rosewood Market.

Simply Organic fish taco seasoning. Takes those tacos to a whole ‘nother level (Recipe Alert).

Rosewood Market.

These ramen-esque noodles from Thai Kitchen seemed like they might make a pleasant after-school snack. They were 99 cents each, 80 cents with the 20 percent discount.

Rosewood Market.

Jerky Natural doggy treats, for the dog who was very annoyed to have been left at home so early in the morning. He totally approves of these treats and seems to have forgiven the Shop Tart.

Rosewood Market.

The Shop Tart did not purchase bread, as Mr. Shop Tart — who is half French and knows about these things — is in charge of all bread. He will be thrilled, overjoyed, actually, to learn that Crust is making baguette now, and plenty of other awesome loaves. Who wants to sit at home and eat bread and cheese all weekend? With sides of olive oil, butter and wine? Let’s do! This bread can be found in front of the deli, to the left of the drink case.

Last, but not least, she brought her own mug and bought a cup of hot coffee to drink while she shopped. And took a refill for home. Heaven!


Speaking of hauls, though the Devine Street Sidewalk Sale isn’t until tomorrow, we hear VanJean has already hauled out their sale merchandise and deals are flying out the door. Up to 80 percent off, y’all!


Another Devine Street favorite, AnnaBelle LaRoque, is gearing up for the sale (marking all winter things down 75 percent!) and the Carolina Cup. Order your Cup dress now for the best fabric selection. This is the best way to insure no one else is rocking your look! Could this be yours? Pretty!


The Shop Tart hopes you have your day tomorrow planned, with plenty of time for the sale and a few hours for the World Beer Festival. Did you win tickets? Check Wednesday’s post to find out!

In today’s post…

  • Rosewood Market, 2803 Rosewood Drive, 765-1083
  • All-Local Farmers’ Market, 711 Whaley Street, 4 to 8 pm Wednesdays, 8 am to 12 pm Saturdays
  • VanJean, 2734 Devine Street, 252-4339
  • LaRoque, 2700 Devine Street, 765-6062
  • 2012 World Beer Festival, Saturday, January 28th, Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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* Why is chewable a word but swallowable isn’t? Using it anyway. Take that, spell-check!

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3 comments on “Early morning haul.
  1. Thanks for the mention! Hope your husband finds one he (and the rest of the family) enjoys.

  2. Mr. ST says:

    Mr. Crust,

    I lurve (to use my wife’s lexicon) y’all’s bread. Thanks for rolling it out 3 x a week at the Rosewood Marchais.


  3. Steve Hait says:

    More props to Mr. Crust – just grabbed the Cheese (Assiago and Parmesan) Bread for the first time today and it’s wonderful. Merci!

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