Family fun on the weekend.

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How do you feel about Friday night? The Shop Tart likes to party — you know she does — but she’s always a little sad when an event falls on a Friday, because she really likes to hang with her family at the end of the week. With all of the children’s activities, she misses them, darn-it! Saky is a favorite spot for la famille, even when the children do occasionally run up the bill by ordering extras without their parents’ knowledge. The food is incredible, the parking is easy, there’s rarely a wait for a table and the service is lovely. And there are free snacks!


Usually, a spoonful of bi-fun noodle salad is included in the free snacks. Missing it, the Shop Tart tried to order a whole bowl; alas, they were sold out. She ordered an extra bowl of cucumber kimchi to compensate. And they couldn’t resist the fried edamame. Yum, yum, yum. Bonus: Love a restaurant that has inexpensive, quick appetizers, because children are more fun when you shove food in their heads immediately, and the Shop Tart’s children are too old for the snack bag full of cereal.


The regular edamame is always a treat, and easier to eat, since the children aren’t hogging it. Actually, they were. With three boys, you have to fight for your right to eat.


Those boys were happy to share their mother’s sashimi appetizer. She stood up for herself and insisted they leave her at least two pieces of salmon.


Mr. Shop Tart had calamari and crab rolls, prompting one of the children to say,

“Dad always knows how to order the good stuff that we haven’t tried before.”

True. These were tasty.


The Shop Tart, a creature of habit, never leaves without the famed Birthday Roll. Get the large one, even if it isn’t your birthday. Plan on ordering another if necessary, because everyone will want some. Happy Birthday to Whoever!


The X-Man ordered another family favorite, udon soup. Saky’s is particularly good, with large bits of krab. He rocked yet another family favorite, the Columbi-yeah! t-shirt, personalized with dye.


The oldest child enjoyed a favorite of hungry teenaged boys every where, the bento box. He ate the whole thing. True story.


The Tank ordered teriyaki chicken. His mother tasted it and, y’all? That sauce is special. You know the stuff that’s left in the bottom of the cast iron grill pan when you cook up a particularly good burger or pork chop? She swears there was some of that stuff in this sauce. Delish!


As you may have noticed, the Tank’s hair is kind of spiky. He was rocking a style left over from a photo shoot that afternoon. You can see him in Free Times tomorrow, in an ad for Sid & Nancy’s fifth birthday bash. He was kind of perfect for the part.

Sid and Nancy turn five. Well, the shop does, at least.

Will you be there? They’ll be giving away candy, games and ten tickets to the Krewe de Columbi-Ya-Ya parade and ball, of which Sid & Nancy and Revente proprietor Debbie McDaniel is queen. Play Twister on the sidewalk and get 20 percent off all regularly priced merchandise, Saturday and Sunday. Hooray! Lil’ Sid may even make an appearance.

After dinner, the Shop Tart was very, very happy to have a pool table. A pool table in the living room means never having to go out later. You are the after party. The Shop Tart would like to do the math. At some point, she will have saved more money by having a table and not going out than she spent on the table. That point might be in the first six months. Bonus: People bring beer and leave it in the mini-fridge. Friday night, a couple of friends came over to shoot pool and drink bubbly. One of them brought a Wendy’s cheeseburger and fries to share. Yeah!

Party at my house.

In today’s post…

  • Saky, 4963 Fort Jackson Boulevard, 787-5307
  • Sid & Nancy, 733 Saluda Avenue, 779-6454
  • Wendy’s, all over

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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5 comments on “Family fun on the weekend.
  1. Debbie McDaniel says:

    I can’t tell you how much I LUV the Tank as baby Sid-he’s a natural!

  2. He is a natural. It scares me. 😉 Jane, on the other hand, was sweet as pie and bubbly, too!

  3. Aunt Susan says:

    I know it’s way late, but reading a good book and just checked out today’s post before turning off the light. Ah, good ol’ dependable Saky – been goin’ there since 1985 (I know, I’m old[er]), ahem. Aaah, the memories…and the memories yet to be made.
    Back then not as much choice as there is today in Cola Town. It was pretty much Saky and Camon on Assembly. Still good ol’ staples. Now, let’s see how I get up for work in the morning…

  4. Aunt Susan says:

    I just noticed…the time on your “comments” section is an hour off…it’s 2:20am, not 3:20, my dear. I’m not THAT nuts. Just a smidge.

  5. Yummmmmm mouth watering food 🙂

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