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The evening started when Nickelodeon Theatre executive director Andy Smith stopped by to pre-game for a party he and the Shop Tart and her husband were attending. Ever since the pool table arrived, the Shop Tart has renewed her obsession with cocktail trays. In her opinion, they should be simple. There was beer and wine in the mini fridge, so the cocktail tray had Tito’s vodka, sparkling cranberry seltzer in her beloved Twist ‘N’ Sparkle, her latest fab find — a vintage ice bucket from Atomic Owl — and a sterling ice tea spoon for mixing.

Party tray.

The snacks were simple, pistachios (because people love pistachios!), olives and crackers. (The Shop Tart is obsessed with her three compartment snack server, so she always has three snacks.)

Cocktail snacks.

Anyhow. They played a couple of games of pool and headed to the first party, for a friend’s birthday, and it was fantastic. The hosts have a ping-pong table. Mr. Shop Tart is kind of great at ping-pong. His wife tried to be cool about it, but she was very proud.

The second party, a fundraiser for Trinity Cathedral’s work in Haiti, was also excellent.

Then there was a third party, a fourth if you count the pre-party pool playing. The Shop Tart and her husband were crashers. They were not invited, but their host couldn’t have been more gracious. The party was an oyster roast birthday party and, ding dang, those oysters were delicious! The Shop Tart would love to know what that chopped herb dipping sauce was. Yum! She would also like to wish the birthday guy a very happy birthday and thank him for letting her crash (and eat the heck out of some oysters).

Tonight, she’ll be staying in. Three and a half parties will do for one weekend. Oh, wait! It won’t do! Because tomorrow night, she’s co-hosting the Nickelodeon Theatre’s Annual Oscar Party with Patti O’Furniture.

Oscar Party!

Open bar, food by Drip Coffee, prizes for best outfit and awesome commentary and jokes from Patti O’Furniture and the Shop Tart. The theme is black, white and pink. And the Shop Tart still doesn’t know what she’s wearing! But she isn’t too worried about it, because there’s no way she can compete with this lady. Won’t you come see her?

Patti O!

The Oscar Party always sells out, so get one of the remaining few tickets right this second. See you there!

Happy Saturday and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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