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The Shop Tart is taking care of two very important things this week, her own hair, and her dog’s wild mane. Both of them have frizzy hair that gets out of control at the beach, where they are headed for spring break, and something had to be done. The Shop Tart went to Austral Salon to see the lovely Barri for a Keratin treatment. This time, she opted for the Keratin treatment for blond hair, which actually lightened her hair a bit. Beachy bonus! At the half way point:

Keratin! At Austral Salon. that can actually be combed, instead of raked. Footloose and tangle-free, for up to four months! The Shop Tart is a happy lady, because this will save valuable hours of styling time. Time she can use to boil shrimp, mix housewife sangria and work on her (safe) tan. Because she can’t wash her hair for three days after a Keratin treatment, she also picked up a thing* of Keratin’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder for blond hair, just in case she needs to perk up her roots. When you take the top off, there’s a pouffy brush, like the one you use to powder your face. There’s something verrah glamorous about using that brush to do something unglamorous (clean your dirty hair when you are too lazy or busy to wash it). It also comes in a shade for brunettes and a neutral shade. The Shop Tart used it this morning and it smells lightly of Strawberry Shortcake — the doll from the eighties, not the dessert — or maybe her male counterpart, Huckleberry Pie. The smell is delightful.

Keratin Dry Shampoo from Austral.

She also grabbed a bottle of Phytopoll√©ine Universal Elixir. Nothing feels better on your scalp after a hot day at the beach. Instant cooling, instant nourishing, pure heaven. Is it weird that the Shop Tart is looking forward to being uncomfortably hot so she can use this for instant relief? She doesn’t have any tattoos or anything, but she once went out with a guy who had a brand — hey, it was the nineties — and he said that it felt so great to remove the branding iron that it was worth the pain of the initial application. This did not really make sense to the Shop Tart, but she sort of feels the same way about this divine scalp oil. Sort of. Anyhow. It’s awesome.

Phytopolleine from Austral.

The Shop Tart has also renewed her love for SkinCeuticals C and E Ferulic treatment, available at Urban Nirvana, Eva Skin Care, Tonic Day Spa and others. This stuff is the bomb, because once it’s absorbed, you can’t wash it off. Because it’s chock full of antioxidants, it works well with any sunscreen. And it neutralizes the heck out of free radical damage. This is seriously one of the best anti-aging products on the market. The Shop Tart’s skin feels pretty.

SkinCeuticals from Tonic Day Spa.

The Shop Tart also tried SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50. Honestly? It is not her every day jam, because her skin tends to be dry. It is an excellent barrier sunscreen and perfect for those of you who are looking for a matte finish under makeup and the Shop Tart knows there are a lot of you out there, so she feels compelled to share. In some ways, this is like a primer, albeit one that provides excellent sun protection. The Shop Tart anticipates loving this at the beach, where she does tend to get oilier. They also make a tinted version.

SkinCeuticals from Eva Skin Care.

Last, but not least: Have you gotten a pedicure recently? The Shop Tart skipped them for a while. She was busy. Her lovely sister, expressing a great deal of disgust, finally shamed her into going. Much like she tidies up for the housekeeper and cleans out the car before having it vacuumed, she wanted to clean up her feet before the big event. Out came the socks, plastic wrap and this! Rescue Me Intensive Foot Repair Cream from Urban Nirvana does the job and smells like lemongrass. After the initial home treatment involving socks over plastic wrap and copious amounts of the cream — feels gross, works great — the Shop Tart has continued to slather this on whenever she wears socks. This works as well as Vaseline but isn’t gross at all. Love!

Get Fresh Feet from Urban Nirvana.

And the dog? Canine Creations will be pulling up in the driveway later this afternoon, at which point he will disappear into the truck, stay there for an hour and emerge looking like he’s lost twenty pounds…of fur. Edisto Island, here we come!

In today’s post…

  • Austral Salon, 2100 Beltline Boulevard, 790-0770
  • Urban Nirvana, 4840 Forest Drive, 790-4897
  • Eva Skin Care, 3942 Forest Drive, 787-5186
  • Tonic Day Spa, 5910 Garners Ferry Road, inside Hampton Hill Athletic Club, 776-9734
  • Pout, 2850 Devine Street, 254-5051 (Pout is where you can buy the Shop Tart’s favorite tanning products, which she linked to, but didn’t mention specifically. You need them!)

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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* Yes, a thing. Is it a bottle? A tube? A jar? What is that container? You call it.

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