The First Soft Shell Crab of the Season.

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The Shop Tart always likes to start at Mr. Friendly’s, where she first learned to love soft shell crab. Restaurant owner and chef Ricky Mollohan served the Shop Tart’s first taste of them, years ago now, prepared three different ways. One was fried, the second sautéed and the third? Steamed. Perfect. It was like eating the marsh, the beautiful, luscious South Carolina marsh. Anyhow, on Friday, the Shop Tart had lunch with Carlie. The Tank insisted on tagging along. Actually, he didn’t insist. At five years old, he believes himself to be perfectly capable of staying home alone. His mother does not agree. She would also like to take this opportunity to quell the rumors he started:

  • La famille did not have a group meeting in which they observed — as a family — that they did not have a girl.
  • They also did not decide that they should have said girl.
  • The Shop Tart is not pregnant. Not at all.

The Tank denies starting these rumors, but his teachers say otherwise and they have never lied in the past. The Tank, on the other hand? He likes to tell stories. He is honest about food, though. And he loved this burger. Really loved it. Mr. Friendly’s prepared it just the way he likes it, with nothing but cheese and burger. No vegetables, please. He likes to apply his own mustard. The picture below — which does not show Mr. Friendly’s typical burger, loaded with luscious tomatoes, lettuce and other goodies — is really an excuse to show the Tank’s sweet baby hand, which is turning into a big boy hand very quickly. *sniff*

Mr. Friendly's.

Carlie had an excellent meal, one the Shop Tart has enjoyed many times before. The peach-mustard barbecue-glazed salmon salad is delicious, the perfect fuel for lunch, with plenty of veggies and enough protein to get you through the day.

Mr. Friendly's.

And here it is…the big reveal…wait for it……enjoy this jam while you wait…

Ready? Okay. Cornmeal-crusted soft shell crab over a Caesar salad — yeah, yeah, the Shop Tart got her dressing on the side, because she has to wear a bathing suit next week. The corn chipotle relish was a delightfully spiced bonus.

Mr. Friendly's.

They also had a buttermilk fried soft shell crab po’ boy. If the Shop Tart could have eaten two meals, or talked the Tank into ordering the po’ boy, she so would have. She hopes to have another chance at that sandwich, because it sounds delicious. Would you like to see Chef Ricky in action cooking up crab? Check it out. Just so you know, Mr. Friendly’s and Solstic have soft shell today and all three restaurants — including Cellar on Greene — will have them Wednesday.

So, she promises not to do any more soft shell posts this week. (She cannot make the same promise for next week.) Where have you been indulging? Or do you hate it? If you do, the Shop Tart would argue that you’ve never had it the right way.

In today’s post…

  • Mr. Friendly’s, 2001 Greene Street, 254-7828
  • Solstice Kitchen, 841-4 Sparkleberry Lane, 788-6966
  • Cellar on Greene, 2001 D Greene Street, 343-3303

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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