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Yessssss! Connie!

So, where are they? Dunno. But they should be at Granger Owings, getting some new clothes. The Shop Tart dropped in the other day to pick up a bow tie for a friend’s birthday. Lucky for her, she walked right in to the Southern Proper trunk show. There were so many choices — she was tempted by the race cars, also the bikini tops — but she narrowed it down to two, choosing one after texting the friend’s wife,

“Does M– like oysters? Not to eat, just in general,”

and getting an affirmative answer.


The Shop Tart didn’t have much time — she has a job now, which entails an actual semi-timed lunch break — but she did manage to look at a few sport coats for her husband. (She hopes he will buy one, because she likes for him to look sharp, but these things are not up to her. He probably should not buy one right now, since he’s kind of skinny, having given up bread and meat for Lent. As an aside — an aside of the original aside, that is — do men not understand the concept of fat clothes and skinny clothes? Most women have those. Most men? Barely notice when their pants are a little tighter or that double vent in the back of their coat pops up like a mud flap.) Anyhow. Nobody does men’s looks like Granger and the Shop Tart would be tickled pink to see any of these, or any variation, out and about. Won’t you indulge her?

The Shop Tart often gets asked for styling advice by guys. Thing is, she’s clueless. She knows it when she sees it, but she can’t put it together. The guys at Granger totally can, and they often have snacks. Seriously, go ask them for help. Even if you just need a shirt. And go to trunk shows. (Because that’s when they have the food, and who doesn’t like free lunch?) Upcoming shows:

  • March 27, Alden Footwear
  • March 28, Martin Dingman, Polo clothing and sportswear
  • April 4, Bills Khakis, Samuelsohn (the sport coats the Shop Tart loved for her husband were Samuelsohn), Moore and Giles
  • April 11, Audrey Talbott, Peter Millar Clothing, RNG Mens and Ladies, Stephanie Schiak (Yes, they have clothes and accessories for the ladies, too!)
  • April 18, Zelli, Southwick, Fairway & Greene
  • April 25, Robert Talbott

So, just go, k? K.

Would you like a delicious snack this weekend? The Shop Tart steamed artichokes last night. Her children love them, which even she thinks is a little weird, but cool. She served them with her favorite dip, bagna cĂ uda, which the Tank refused to taste. Then he tasted it, remarking,

“Actually, this dip is pretty good, Mom.”

Well, duh. Like she didn’t know. It’s half butter, half olive oil and a dash of chopped garlic and anchovy paste. It’s awesome. The Shop Tart could eat at least three artichokes, maybe five, dipping each leaf and soaking the heart at the end.

Favorite spring snack.

(Just so you know, the bananas have nothing to do with this snack. They were just there. Bananas are chock full of potassium, though, so you should eat them.)

What’s your favorite spring snack? The Shop Tart is also partial to boiled peanuts, boiled shrimp and cucumbers dipped in labneh.

Also, it’s soft shell crab time! We’ve heard tasty rumors from Solstice, Rosso and Terra. Where will you get yours? (And, yes, “all the soft shell crabs, all the time” is a correct answer.)

In today’s post…

  • Granger Owings, 1333 Main Street, 252-6714

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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