Beauty conundrum. Plus: Party at Conundrum.

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The Shop Tart has always thought the idea of giving a beauty product as a gift was not a good one. Along with personal training sessions, vacuum cleaners, and complimentary sessions with a shrink, it seems like one of those gifts you should offer with caution. You could get punched, you know?

Anyhow, the Shop Tart has changed her tune, and it’s all because of one little face cream. She ran out of whatever cream she’s been using recently, no doubt something perfectly satisfactory, and reached into the bowels of her bathroom cabinet for a sample she could use. She’s cheap, you see, and when beauty isn’t in the budget, she digs through the sample pile. This time, she came up with Darphin’s Stimulskin Plus Divine Lifting Cream, a sample from Coplon’s.

Darphin, from Coplon's.

Just another really good face cream, right? Wrong. Pardon her French, but this sh*t is insane. First of all, the smell, not that that really matters, but the scent is intoxicating. So light, so clean, so French. And what does it do? Everything.

  • Wisely, Darphin does not list the exact ingredients, because the Shop Tart would do everything in her power to seek them out and make it herself. “Extraordinary blend of 31 ingredients, features – Intensive age-defying cocktail – Clarifying and soothing cocktail – Anti-oxidant cocktail – Hydrating and comforting cocktail ” is all they offer. The Shop Tart likes all of those things.
  • In a clinical study on 19 women, each applying the cream twice a day for three months, results included a 77 percent improvement of skin lifting and 42 percent improvement of skin firmness. The appearance of lines and wrinkles was reduced by 56 percent and researchers saw a 48 percent improvement of skin smoothness. Once again, those are all things the Shop Tart likes.
  • She also noticed that her little sun spots diminished, as did a few pesky lines. She felt like she looked more awake.

She sincerely wishes she could tell you how long she has been using the cream. The sample was a deluxe, half ounce size, so she has probably been using it for a few weeks. (Once she realized how awesome it was, she was very careful to use a bare minimum with each application.) And a little goes a long way. A pea sized amount melts into the skin, providing immediate, long lasting moisture.

The Shop Tart has issues with dry skin. Within three days of the Divine Lifting Cream running out, her skin was up to its old tricks again. So, darn it, she called Ursula at Coplon’s, hoping that maybe it was discontinued. Or sold out. Then there would be no conundrum: Face cream or food? Alas, Ursula assured her the cream was there and that she would set one aside. Though there were only a few in stock, she also assured the Shop Tart that more were on order. Spoiler alert: It’s $295. And you know what? Worth every penny. Y’all know she loves her some drug store products, but the stuff that stays on your face all day and all night? That’s where you spend, if you can. Conundrum resolved. La famille will be eating a lot of beans and rice, though the Shop Tart promises to season it properly, so they won’t suffer.

(Pssst...remember? Coplon’s also has Darphin gift sets, including one that includes a large sample of the Shop Tart’s new favorite beauty elixir!)

Speaking of Conundrum, there’s a great show there tonight, for a great cause.


The show begins at 8 pm with readings by several local authors, followed by a great lineup of bands. Enjoy local favorites, including Can’t Kids, Wasted Wine, Reverends, and Daddy Lion. For more information about the bands and writers, check out the Facebook event page. And the Shop Tart feels bad about the fact that you now have to go spend some cash on face cream, so she’s happy to tell you that the concert at Conundrum is only $7! That’s a lot of fun and entertainment for just a few bucks and…the proceeds benefit Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands. And the show is for all ages, so you young’ns are welcome. So, happy weekend!

In today’s post…

  • Coplon’s, 4825 Forest Drive, 803-790-0015
  • Conundrum Music Hall, 626 Meeting Street, West Columbia, 803-250-1295

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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