Inspiration in the kitchen.

One of the Shop Tart’s children is really cool. Actually, they’re all cool. But the X-Man is cool in a very specific way — actually, several very specific ways — but this is one. When he gets to choose a restaurant for lunch, he usually picks the Gourmet Shop. As you and everyone else in a 100 mile radius knows, the Gourmet Shop is a great lunch spot. The X-Man had the “one, one, and one,” with pesto pasta, egg salad, and tuna penne.

Gourmet Shop.

His mother tried something new, the charcuterie board, and ordered a side of cantaloup with it. This is an official Shop Tart endorsement. Perhaps she will enjoy it next time with a glass of bubbly. Perhaps you would like to join her?

Gourmet Shop.

After lunch, the Shop Tart’s companion for the afternoon was gracious enough to let her browse. (Perhaps too gracious, as she ended up dragging him across the street for a fairly lengthy look at Revente. That is a heck of a sale, y’all!) The first thing she spotted was a stack of awesome mugs with Pantone colors, perfect for the design freak in all of us! There were more colors scattered throughout the shop.

Gourmet Shop.

And those mugs look awfully nice with these black and white patterned plates, n’est-ce pas?

Gourmet Shop.

La famille
is obsessed with artichokes. They look forward to consuming them in massive quantities all spring and summer. Don’t you think they need a set of these artichoke servers? One space for the artichoke, a well for the accompanying bagna cauda or straight up melted butter, and one well for the discarded leaves. You could also use it for a small serving of peel and eat shrimp with cocktail sauce or crackers with two dips.

Gourmet Shop.

The Shop Tart has a thing for all white serving dishes. They can be casual or fancy and they go with everything. Ditto these fab French teacups and saucers.

Gourmet Shop.

In the baking section, the Shop Tart saw popover tins. Which reminder that she loves making popovers!

Gourmet Shop.

Then she saw the tiny popover pan. How cool is that? For the curious — and the Shop Tart was one of them — popover tins are deeper and set farther apart than traditional muffin pans, which is why you might want one if you are a fan.

Gourmet Shop.

Speaking of baking tins, Gourmet Shop always stocks cool ones, including brownie bites, various acorns, little dinosaurs, and classic cars!

Gourmet Shop.

How would you like to make chips in the microwave out of various cool veggies and fruits in just three minutes? Because the Shop Tart would like to do that very much.

Gourmet Shop.

You know what else she would like to do? Throw a party and serve fresh basil lemonade with vodka — then offer all of her guests these mad chic black and white paper straws to sip their refreshing cocktails. Would you attend that kind of party? Artichokes will also be served.

Gourmet Shop.

Hmmm…what else? Oh! Grey Ghost cookies! These are produced right here in town and they are delicious. Mr. Shop Tart brought home some of the chocolate espresso ones the other day and the whole bag got eaten in mere moments.

Gourmet Shop.

As always, the Gourmet Shop had numerous gadgets the Shop Tart wanted, like this thing that breaks up ground meat while you brown it. (Last night she made Campfire Stew and really regretted not buying this one!)

Gourmet Shop.

She also forgot to pick up a roll of her favorite, semi-disposable, compostable napkins. And now they have them in even more sizes!

Gourmet Shop.

And the new flax color is so sophisticated.

Gourmet Shop.

But what did she buy? Everything below, including a sweet, bright green spatula, measuring spoons that are narrow enough to fit down in her spice jars (yay! finally!), some place cards (she likes to label dishes at cocktail parties with them), and some amazing cheese.

Gourmet Shop haul.

About that cheese…it’s an insanely delicious little morsel of soft goat cheese. And you should probably go git you some.

Gourmet Shop.

And one more thing! Show of hands…who thinks the Shop Tart should win the lottery, remodel her kitchen, and design the whole thing around this fab chandelier? At least one hand is already waving in the air.

Gourmet Shop.

What inspires you in the kitchen? The Shop Tart is a sucker for new equipment. She will probably pop back down to get a miniature popover pan, and start making them regularly, until she moves on to the next cool thing. And she was serious about sipping vodka basil lemonade through straws! And speaking of sipping things through straws…

In today’s post…

  • Gourmet Shop, 724 Saluda Avenue, 803-799-3705

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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2 comments on “Inspiration in the kitchen.
  1. Tracie says:

    well played with the buffalo stance. well played.

  2. Laura B says:

    I read an article on John Besh recently and he had a chandelier like that in his butlers pantry…gorgeous

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