Some things never get less awesome.

The Shop Tart has been a patron and huge fan of Saky since she was in college. having discovered sushi in the big city, she was thrilled to be able to enjoy it at home. (And also probably a little excited to act all cool, because she, you know, wasn’t afraid of raw fish. Still isn’t!) On Friday night, la famille decided to go out to eat. They did not pick Saky; they were hoping to try Taziki’s, in Crosshill Market. When they arrived, the Shop Tart realized they would have to wait in line to order, then be given a number to take to their table. This is not something she wanted to do on a Friday night with a six year old, so they decided to try it another time. The six year old was starting to act like a complete a turning into the devil getting restless, so they had to make a quick decision. Saky is pretty much his favorite restaurant, the rest of the family feels similar affection for it, and it was mere minutes away. Hooray!

Happiness ensued, the tantrums of just a few minutes past forgotten. The sauvignon blanc was just right, the rich, warm miso warmed the Shop Tart’s heart, the flavorful seaweed salad made her feel healthy and strong, and the little divided dish of noodle salad and marinated eggplant was insanely delicious, as always.

Happy place.

First, the Tank licked the rice that came with his Teriyaki chicken and broccoli.


Then, he was happy.


His mother enjoyed the heck out of her sashimi. She offered to share everything except the yellowtail in the middle, because it was over the top delicious that night.


Mr. Shop Tart was unable to resist the call of the Birthday Roll, and was gracious enough to let his wife have a bite. All the flavors! Yeah!


As usual, they knew people there and enjoyed chatting with the family at the next table, who insisted that they try their tuna salad. The ceviche like dish was excellent and the Shop Tart will be ordering it next time!


The oldest child, who can eat more than your average adult these days, ordered a sushi dinner. He ate the whole thing, though his little brother did reach in for a handful.


The X-Man missed the whole thing, because he had a party to attend. His family did their best not to rub it in. His absence was noticed by their server, because Saky is that kind of a friendly place. Even the other customers put the Shop Tart in a good mood; she can’t recall ever seeing someone being a jerk there. (Of course, she’s sure someone has been rude, because that happens in just about every restaurant in the world. But it really should never happen to people as nice as the ones at Saky!)

On the way out, they stopped to look at the pictures on the wall, because it’s always fun to see familiar faces and relive some memories.


What restaurant in Columbia always feels like home to you? Is there one (or maybe more than one!) where you always feel welcome and relaxed, and the food is always exactly what you wanted? Where do you head when things get dicey with the kids?

In today’s post…

  • Saky, 4963 Fort Jackson Boulevard, 803-787-5307

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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3 comments on “Some things never get less awesome.
  1. Colleen says:

    The original owners of Saki now have a restaurant in the northeast called Wasabi’s. It is out of this world! I highly recommend trying it.

  2. Steve Hait says:

    Blue Cactus down in Five Points always feels like home/family to us. Highly recommended! P.S. Love Saky, too

  3. Katie Thompson says:

    I love Blue Cactus as well! I will have to try Saky soon.

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