Well, it’s time.

The Shop Tart has been in desperate need of a detox week for a while now, but the timing just hasn’t been right (ie She had to party). She does this several times a year and has actually come to really enjoy it. The food is good — and she may or may not eat a little more than the prescribed portions, ’cause she gets hungry. She can tell exactly how bad her diet has been during the first two days.

  • If she has allowed caffeine to sneak back into her rotation — d*mn you, delicious Diet Coke! — she’ll have a headache and nausea by the end of the second day. It passes.
  • If she’s been carb-crazy and free-wheeling with the alcohol, she’ll lose five pounds of water weight in the first two days.

This time? Both of those things happened. So, party on, Shop Tart. Don’t feel bad. Detox week is actually lovely. She spends the week going to movies and playing various games, and drinking delicious things like cucumber lime basil juice.

Detox Week Fun: Cucumber Lime Basil Juice and Rummikub.

And consuming massive amounts of insanely delicious home made miso soup. (Does it annoy anyone else when a restaurant refers to something as “home made?” Isn’t it made in the restaurant? Does DHEC even allow you to serve something you made at home in a restaurant? Why not just say “house made” or “made in house?” Anyhow, this soup was actually made at home — the Shop Tart’s home.)


So, don’t worry about her. She’s eating well and feeling great. (But can we party sometime after Thursday? Because it’s over on Thursday.) Last week, she was already headed towards meeting those healthier goals. She and her sis went to the Shop Tart’s absolute favorite happy hour at Cafe Caturra. Seriously, look at those prices.

Best happy hour in town.

And it’s actually a happy two and a half hours, from 4 to 6:30. All wines priced at $8.50 or less are just $5. And the Shop Tart is cheap, so she is making her way through the $3/$3.50 happy hour menu. The deviled eggs are crazy good. This time, she tried the white cheddar pimento and was not disappointed one little bit. Delicious! And they were totally nice about bringing celery instead of bread. (See? She was trying to be healthy.)

Cafe Caturra.

By the way, the Shop Tart was conveniently near Cafe Caturra because she was picking up shoes at Gwen Rawls for a fashion shoot. Did you know that everything in the store is marked down 40 to 60 percent? Go get those deals and make way for spring!

In today’s post…

  • Cafe Caturra, 4840 Forest Drive, Trenholm Plaza, 803-782-0760
  • Gwen Rawls, 4840 Forest Drive, Trenholm Plaza, 803-661-7607

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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2 comments on “Well, it’s time.
  1. Caroline Quillen says:

    May I have your Miso soup recipe ST?

  2. Hi, CQ! It’s from Gwyneth’s GOOP. Here you go! http://goop.com/journal/make/15/detox

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