Friday night, not quite as planned.

Friday night’s planning was a comedy of errors. There were plans made, by two different people. There were invitations issued, then rescinded when it turned out other invitations had already been accepted. Then there were babysitter issues. In the end, the Shop Tart got to go out with her sister and her poor lucky husband got to stay home with the children. (Full Disclosure: The Shop Tart actually was jealous. Her kids are cool and she doesn’t really get enough time with them, especially time that doesn’t involve homework or carpooling. But her sister is cool, too.) Arts and Draughts at the Columbia Museum of Art was calling her name and the event did not disappoint. If you haven’t ever been, you should go. This should give you an idea…

It got late, the Shop Tart and her sis got hungry, and — given their advanced age — they reluctantly decided to forgo waiting in line for Bone-In Barbecue and headed to Hampton Street Vineyard. Though they were sad to miss out on the barbecue, Hampton Street was a blast. (And the Shop Tart didn’t totally miss out on Bone-In goodness, because she’s a classy gal and had no qualms about stealing a few chips from Nickelodeon Theatre’s executive director Andy Smith as she held him captive and rambled on about the Nick and its ongoing capital campaign fund. Are you a member of the Nick? You should be. Would you like to donate some money and have something named after you? Email the Shop Tart. She can make it happen!) Anyhow, the Shop Tart started with a lovely glass of Sancerre, at Michelle’s suggestion. She was very grateful to Michelle for remembering how much she liked it, because choices can be hard! The fried oysters, as always, were outstanding.

Hampton Street Vineyard.

They also enjoyed the heck out of some mussels. These were delicious, a little spicier than the usual mussels one finds, with a hint of chili flavor. Love!

Hampton Street Vineyard.

Soon the restaurant was closed, but the band played on, a few stragglers — including the Shop Tart and company — remained at the bar, for one more cozy round. (For the curious: Stoli Orange and Godiva liqueur, pretty darn delicious.) It was a lovely evening — and the Shop Tart capped it off by sitting on this fab Karmann Ghia, a car she has always wanted. She apologizes to the owner of this one, but she couldn’t resist. She did sit lightly, so as not to cause any damage. What a great car!


On the way home, Otis — who had graciously agreed to drive the Shop Tart and her sister — even more graciously agreed to play two of the Shop Tart’s favorite jams.

And this one has some inappropriate moments, so listen with caution.

In today’s post…

  • Hampton Street Vineyard, 1201 Hampton Street, 803-252-0850

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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3 comments on “Friday night, not quite as planned.
  1. Danielle says:

    Ha! I know of only one yellow Kharman Ghia in town, and I know the owner. She’s a super cool girl :)

  2. Kelly says:

    My dad had a yellow Karmann Ghia from the time I was born until I turned 13. Didn’t fully appreciate it then, but would love to have it now!

  3. mims says:

    I will be restoring a cherry red 1974 Karmann Ghia this summer…when it’s ready I’d be happy to drive you around in it for a fun night out, Shop Tart style.

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