The Shop Tart loves it when someone she loves wants to go to a restaurant they love for their own birthday. She’s happy to help celebrate. Last night, that totally happened and she found herself at Camon. Hooray! They started with an absolutely delicious shrimp crunchy roll, which even the non-sushi eaters enjoyed, thanks to the cooked-ness of the shrimp and overall deliciousness.


Many rolls were ordered, along with sashimi, a couple of teriyaki dishes, and the Camon III roll, recommended by Shige himself. That gorgeous handroll beside the Camon III was a treat for the birthday girl, with salmon skin, avocado, and cucumber.


And if you spill? (Hey, it happens to the best of us!) They will bring you a lovely warm white towel on a sweet little tray.


Everything was delightful, and the Shop Tart didn’t snap too many pics, since it wasn’t actually her birthday. So maybe you should go to Camon tonight!

But then you’ll want to go party somewhere, maybe at SHE Columbia, maybe somewhere else. But if you stay out long enough, you’ll want to eat again. Might the Shop Tart recommend the Whig? She went there last Wednesday for Pub Politics and enjoyed the heck out of her chipotle pimento cheese fries. She actually ate these for dinner.

The Whig.

She also had a Bulleit rye Manhattan (fine, she had two), masterfully prepared by Will.

The Whig.

And…she did a little experimenting with Twitter’s new Vine app. Have you tried it yet? Six second videos, no editing. Fun!

Last Friday, she was playing around with Vine again and ran into the lovely Lee Ann Kornegay. With Lee Ann — who just happens to know her way around a moving picture — framing the shots, they did a little six second promo for What’s Love. Will you be there?

In today’s post…

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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