Family night in Camden.

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On any given weekend, la famille Shop Tart might be doing something soccer related. They like soccer, some of them more than others, so this is totally okay. Last weekend, they found themselves in Camden for a game, and Mr. Shop Tart had an idea. He couldn’t wait to get to Salud for dinner. And he was not wrong at all.

Salud in Camden.

If you know the Shop Tart, you may have heard one of her (pretty few) complaints about Columbia. There are a few lower priced spots here that are cool enough for date night, ladies’ night, what have you, but there could be more of them. Like Salud! The guacamole was delicious…

Salud in Camden

…which did not stop the Shop Tart from browsing the Broad Street Market, a fab cooking store across the way. (Salud is in the TenEleven Galleria in Camden, an indoor space that feels like an open air market. And is lovely.) She does love a kitchen shop.

Broad Street Market.

Especially one with lovely linens.


As an aside, the Shop Tart is about to host, say, 20 or 30 people for Easter dinner. She has never done this before, but they are bringing most of the food, so she isn’t too worried. They will, though, expect her to provide dishes, cutlery, glasses, napkins and such. She sometimes wishes she had fancy napkins. She also does not wish to launder and iron 20 to 30 napkins. So she isn’t quite sure how to handle it. And this is not a new dilemma. She’s been thinking about it for years. Discuss. Please. Or just tell her what to do. Anyhow. Lovely.


The Shop Tart has an affinity for large, patterned table cloths, because they don’t show stains. Hooray! Also, she remembers having a minor obsession with April Cornell in college. She might be ready to re-up that obsession.


You really can never have too many wooden bowls. n’est-ce pas?

Broad Street Market in Camden.

A little random, but how awesome are these melamine plates that look like the picnic plates you may remember from a million parties at the lake in your childhood.

Broad Street Market in Camden.

It was almost time to go back to the table — the Shop Tart is showing you a mere fraction of the awesomeness Broad Street Market has to offer — but she has to show you one more thing. A porcelain enamel blue crab pot.

Broad Street Market in Camden.

That has got to be the best crab pot in the whole world. She felt weepy looking at it, because she doesn’t have a beach house. And this is a pot of which memories are made. Can’t you imagine? Your grandchildren would fight over it when you died. After they sat around talking about how awesome it was when you used to steam crabs when they were all at the beach. And how much they loved you for patiently teaching them to pick the crabs. They would speak at length about the unparallelled awesomeness of your crab cakes. Then they would get all weepy and decide to share it, alternating years, inviting each other over to share shellfish and talk about you. Your grandchildren would be best friends forever. Make it happen. Go get that pot!

So! Back to Salud. The Shop Tart and the Tank, who had tagged along, because Broad Street Market also had tons of cute things for kids, arrived at the table just in time for dinner. The grilled tilapia tacos, served on warm, earthy corn tortillas, hit the spot.


The Salud tacos — with carne asada (that’s grilled beef, y’all), chorizo, poblano peppers, onions and cheese — were ridiculously delicious and satisfying.


Both dishes were complemented by Salud’s housemade hot sauce.


She liked it so much, she took a couple of to-go containers and decanted it into a recycled Trenholm Venom bottle at home.

How should I add heat to my kale, smoked trout, and pickle flavored goat cheese quesadilla? Yes, I realize you might not be able to answer based on the weirdness of that meal.

The Shop Tart would like to officially request — right here on this blog — that Salud consider opening a second location in Columbia. Because that would be cool. It would be nice if it shared space with one of her favorite cooking shops, like Gourmet Shop or Mary & Martha, so she could shop while she waited. But just the restaurant will do for now.

TenEleven Galleria — which is worth the trip just because the space is so cool — is also home to Ann Temple and Company. The Shop Tart didn’t have time to go in, but saw gorgeous home goods through the window. Ann also offers interior design services. The Shop Tart knows a lot of you know her and her stunning taste, and she hopes you have had a chance to go check out the shop. Field trip!

Back to Columbia: Don’t forget to enter to win an Earth Fare gift card! Free groceries are always a treat.

In today’s post…

  • TenEleven Galleria, 1011 Broad Street, Camden, South Carolina, 803-424-1011
  • Broad Street Market, 803-425-8858
  • Salud, 803-425-4850
  • Ann Temple and Company, 803-425-8088

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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8 comments on “Family night in Camden.
  1. Bryan Caskey says:

    That is a great crab pot. Is it ceramic or metal? I can’t really tell from the picture.

  2. Joan says:

    I have never used anything but fabric napkins; everyday, three meals, casual, family and fancy. Think how many trees can be saved! The napkin dilemma can be solved with a trip to the fabric store. Choose a fabric that is part polyester to make laundering a breeze. You can make your own napkins in an hour. For family fun have the children fringe the edges of a set.

  3. Bryan Caskey says:

    Oh wait, the text says “porcelain enamel”. That’s probably a clue. I shouldn’t be reading things for content before the second cup of coffee.

  4. @Joan, we use cloth napkins, too. I agree — so easy, especially since our laundry room is right beside the kitchen. ;-) I feel like our every day napkins aren’t fancy enough. I might need to get over that!

  5. @Bryan, ha! Yup. Go brew that second cup. It was similar to that stuff people use for camping. Not that I camp, but do you know what I’m talking about?

  6. mims says:

    I’m SO GLAD you found Salud. Definitely one of my fave places to eat and tequila flights for those with more courage…

  7. Ann Temple says:

    Thank you so very much for your article on SALUD and
    the 1011 GALLERIA and especially for mentioning me. So sorry that I was not there to see you. I will be sure that Alfonzo sees this. His SALUD is wonderful and he works so very hard to make it a great place to dine! And his staff is way fun. Please do return. Also at the present time SALUD is closed on Monday. Thanks again.

    • Hi! I hope to make it into your shop next time I’m there — y’all have made that space so lovely! Wish we had something similar in Columbia. There has to be a space for it somewhere. :-)

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