Are you always asking, “Where can I get a decent Korean meal in Columbia?” and rolling your eyes and stuff? Well, that is very silly of you, because there are plenty of places to get great Korean food. But the Shop Tart is just going to tell you about one of them today. Did you ever go to Hankook on Decker? Because Arirang is in the same location. And it is awesome.

On Saturday, the Tank reached his limit. He needed a Morphsuit, real bad. His mother surrendered. She was ready to buy the d*mn suit, and was merely thankful that the flesh colored version was not available at Party City. She was also extremely grateful to be in the same neighborhood as Arirang. She’s been a parent for a while now, and she knows how it works; it’s a delicate balance. She had bought some time by promising the Tank the Morphsuit. He was confident it was actually going to happen, since his mother is not one to outright lie. She knew exactly how much further she could go.

“Yes, you are getting the suit, but you have to do one more thing.”

“What,” he asked, relatively calmly.

“You have to be a good boy at Arirang. And you will like it, so it won’t be too difficult.”

True story.

He started with gim bob, possibly the best gim bob ever.

“WOW,” he said, his voice trembling, ever so slightly, in awe. “That’s GOOD.”

Wow. That's GOOD. Says the Tank.

When the snacks arrived, he was very impressed. As were his mother and his brother, the X-Man.


If you’ve been to a Korean restaurant, you know how exciting it is when the little dishes arrive. They are free, they are exciting, and they are plentiful, but this smorgasbord was above and beyond. There were eighteen choices. Eighteen. Each one more delicious than the next, all worthy of comment. The X-Man and his mother talked about each dish while the Tank ate all of the broccoli (not visible in the picture, because he was eating it).

Though they were only three, the Shop Tart decided to order appetizers, because Decker Boulevard is far from home and she wasn’t sure when they might be back. The pan fried dumplings were delicious. The crowd went wild.


The kimchi pancakes were also incredible (and the leftovers for breakfast the next morning were perfection). Imagine the best latkes you have ever eaten, crossed with crispy cabbage filled pirogis, and spiced in a way you could never imagine. Now eat ’em!


The Tank continued to graze, while the X-Man enjoyed a classic favorite, bibimbap.


The Shop Tart inquired about a dish pictured in the menu. As it happened, the stew that intrigued her was meant for two. Lucky for her, you can never go wrong at Arirang with a staff recommendation. She got this.


Th enormous, spicy seafood and tofu stew was exactly what she wanted. She removed the seafood and enjoyed the soup while she waited for the tasty shellfish to be cool enough to tackle.


The meal was more than enough to feed the children for dinner that evening. As previously mentioned, it also supplied the Shop Tart with breakfast the next morning. There may have been a lunch or two, as well. It was a heck of a meal. As satisfying as it was, the Shop Tart would go again in a second. Who’s in?

In today’s post…

  • Arirang, 1943-C Decker Boulevard, 803-790-5506

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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