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Have you ever had your lashes tinted? It’s kind of an essential thing for a beach vacation. Lucky for the Shop Tart, Urban Nirvana was able to fit her in at the last minute. And while she was there, she also managed to score this sweet scarf!

Got a scarf at Urban Nirvana today. I like it and all, but I have to admit I kind of wanted it to torment Mr. Shop Tart, who wanted one in France and couldn't find one. By the way, they are 30 bucks, but they don't really have any guy colors.

Mr. Shop Tart was desperate (slight exaggeration, only slight) to find one in France. All the guys wear them there, even guys in suits. Full on grown ups. And Mr. Shop Tart wanted to rock one. He’s convinced he still wants to rock one, but his wife hasn’t been able to find a loose-knit, linen or cotton scarf in a masculine color stateside. (To be fair, she hasn’t tried that hard.) What do you think? Should he wear one? She thinks it could look cool, possibly in navy. Would stripes be too much?

Anyhow. About the eye lashes. Tinted lashes are great. For those ladies (and gentlemen!) with really pale lashes, a good lash tint allows you to skip the mascara for day and use less in the evening. The Shop Tart forgot all about having hers done until Saturday, when she called Urban Nirvana and begged for a last minute appointment. But they didn’t make her beg, because they are so darn nice. (And if you are thinking, “But, they let you in because you’re the Shop Tart!” 1. The Shop Tart doesn’t have that much pull. 2. They gave her the appointment before asking her name.) The peeps at Urban Nirvana understand a beauty emergency.

The Shop Tart jumped in the car and rushed there to make it to her appointment with SARAH HAZARD. Why is her name in all caps? And bold? Because you’re going to want to remember it. Copy down her info right now. Go ahead. Put it in your phone.

Sarah at Urban Nirvana in Columbia.

Sarah was absolutely meticulous. The Shop Tart could feel her adding the formula to each lash, top and bottom, all the way to the root. And Sarah was so gentle and unhurried — even though she didn’t actually take longer than anyone else. Could we go so far as to say there were moments during the process that felt like an eyelid massage? If that even exists. Because maybe it should!

Usually, some of the color will be left on your lids or under your eyes after a lash tint. No big deal, because it’s subtle and washes off completely the first time you wash your face. But Sarah is so precise that the Shop Tart left looking like her lashes were actually that dark. No color was left on the surrounding skin. Hooray! Sarah is a skin care therapist at Urban Nirvana, and the Shop Tart can only assume she is just as careful and thorough with other services, too.

What are your vacation beauty essentials?

By the way, you have a few more minutes to enter to win! (The Shop Tart has decided to extend the deadline for entering to 10 am, so you can get settled in at your desk first.)

Huh. A little worrisome.

In today’s post…

  • Urban Nirvana, Trenholm Plaza, 4840 Forest Drive, 803-787-1010

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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