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The Shop Tart always forgets something when she goes on vacation. Lucky for her, her husband comes and goes and is always happy to bring the necessities. Sometimes, she forgets her Phyto Plage Protective Sun Veil, an absolute necessity, but she remembered it this time. Maybe she forgets her St. Tropez tanning mousse. Or maybe she forgets something important from the kitchen, like nitrate free bacon. (Love you, Edisto Island, but good bacon is hard to find here!) This time, she forgot an absolute beach essential: delicate wash for bathing suits.

Tocca delicate wash from Pout.

Mr. Shop Tart had to go get it. She didn’t care what kind, having told him that any delicate wash from Pout would do. They have stocked more than one over the years, and they are all gentle and smell divine. Also? They wash stuff. A good delicate wash will keep your bathing suits in tip top shape. (Some of the Shop Tart’s are years old, and she wears them a lot!) The color won’t fade and they won’t get all stretched out. The delicate wash cannot prevent them from getting stretched out due to your love of beer pong, but it will prolong the life of the suit.

According to Tocca, the “Florence” scent smells of English rose and iris root. Just as lovely as you imagine. The Shop Tart also detected a hint of grapefruit, but she has an active imagination. Whatever it is, it doesn’t clash with her sunscreen or her Phyto hair veil, so that’s good.

The Shop Tart washes her suits in the sink after each wear. She sweats on the beach, like a pig, and douses her swimwear in all manner of products, from multi-layers of sunscreen and self tanner, to splashes of housewife sangria and flecks of crab juice. So, there you go.

What’s your favorite swimwear wash? Or do you just throw them in the machine? Or do you not wash your suits ever? (Yikes.)

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  • Pout, 2850 Devine Street, 803-254-5051

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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