Making the rounds on a Thursday.

Thursday afternoon, the Shop Tart was meeting the lovely Kim Jamieson, talented Director of Communications for the Columbia CVB, for drinks. Though they didn’t have time for a full meal, she was excited to take a look at M Grille, the latest addition to Michelle Wang’s M Gourmet Group, which also includes Columbia favorites like Miyo’s, M Cafe, M Vista, M Fresh and others. As always, each restaurant is more beautiful than the one before, and this is no exception. The table setups are simply lovely.


We’ll get to the food (spoiler alert: predictably good!) and all, but let’s chat about the napkins. Aren’t they cool? Different touches like special linens and tableware give M Grille an air of big city sophistication. (But, don’t worry, they’re still real nice!)

M Grille.

The Shop Tart wasn’t planning to eat. You see, she was meeting her family at Camon later for a birthday dinner, and Camon is one of her absolute favorites. But the menu…

M Grille.

She was drinking a nice glass of dry riesling, and it’s just not a great idea to drink without eating. These roasted peppers from the appetizer menu are spicy and salty and smoky. Be careful, because some are spicier than others!

M Grille.

Servers were bringing small tastes of a delicious white bean salad to tables. This could become one of those things you crave and have to plan your day around. Simple, tasty and healthy!

M Grille.

Starting Monday, M Grille will be open for lunch, too. The ingredients are fresh, often wild and organic. The look is open and bright, with plenty of natural light. Don’t you think you would be more productive at work after lunch here? (Just don’t spend too much time perusing the fabulous cocktail menu…) This picture is from M Grille’s Facebook page.

M Grille (from their Facebook page)

After two or three servers recommended it, Kim and the Shop Tart couldn’t resist the crab cakes. They didn’t disappoint — verrah crabby and perfectly crisp on the outside.

M Grille.

M Grille is right around the corner from Trustus Theatre. Dinner and a show, anyone? Collected Stories closes this weekend (but you may still be able to get a ticket!) and Ragtime, The Musical opens in September. Pick a show and make your reservation! Michelle Wang herself was in the kitchen, but came out to say hello. She deserves to be front and center, because M Grille is definitely another hit!

After her lovely happy hour(s) with Kim, the Shop Tart headed to Camon for the birthday dinner. Camon is always a pleasure. The Shop Tart ate light, enjoying a sashimi appetizer.

Oh Camon! My Camon!

And for dessert? She asked for an eel hand roll, with whatever else the chef wanted to add. Highly recommended!


Shige stopped by the table to say hello and recommended a dry riesling to go with the sashimi. It was delicious! Did you know Camon had dry riesling? Well, you should have told the Shop Tart sooner!

Have you tried M Grille yet? What did you think?

In today’s post…

  • M Grille, 530 Lady Street, 803-708-8881
  • Trustus Theatre, 520 Lady Street, 803-254-9732
  • Camon, 1332 Assembley Street, 803-254-5400

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to tell them you read it on the Shop Tart!

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2 comments on “Making the rounds on a Thursday.
  1. Wendy Sullivan says:

    Thought that was you! My husband and I sat right beside you. We got there right after you guys were already seated. That bean salad was awesome. You should have stuck around. Michelle then brought us a wild striped bass small plate and the dessert she brought was fantastic – lemon curd with walnuts. Not to mention $150 in gift cards to pass around to friends. M Grille is awesome! The broiled King Crab appetizer is a must!

    • Funny — I wish you had said hi — I love meeting people. :-) Glad to hear your dinner was great. I can’t wait to go back and enjoy a full meal. You must be something special to get gift certificates!

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