Garibaldi’s: still awesome after all these years.

The Shop Tart loves Garibaldi’s. How could she not? Everything about it makes her happy. The food is always good, the drinks cold, and the service classically friendly. Have you noticed some changes on the menu? Garibaldi’s is keeping the things we love most, but adding some new ones that the Shop Tart is really enjoying.

On a recent Sunday evening — yes! they are open on Sunday evenings! — she and a friend started with beef carpaccio. Go get this. Get it now. Topped with lobster cracklins, horseradish, mustard, and smoked olive oil, this dish and a salad could make a perfect Tuesday night meal. It could make a perfect meal any night, but today is Tuesday, and you shouldn’t have to wait.

Beef carpaccio at Garibaldi's

What else is new? Check out this cocktail menu! They’re using top shelf liquor and keeping it interesting without being obnoxious about it. Love.

Cocktails at Garibaldi'sThe Shop Tart’s dinner companion had a Green Thumb, very herb-y, almost like a salad — but with liquor!

Green Thumb at Garibaldi'sAfter their carpaccio, the ladies decided on the same main course. The soft shell crab, lightly breaded and served over corn relish, was insane. So good!

Soft shell crab at Garibaldi's.If, by some small chance, this is still available, you need to go get it right this second. Trust.

Instead of dessert, the ladies went asked for a veggie course. The Shop Tart has a secret to tell you. Though it isn’t on the new menu, you can usually still get the heart of palm salad, one of the lightest, most refreshing salads in the world. She was so excited, she ate some of it before she took this picture. Yum!

My half eaten heart of palm salad at Garibaldi'sWhat are you eating now that the weather is warmer? And which one of those cocktails would you like to try first? The Shop Tart would love to meet you at Garibaldi’s for a little “April in Paris,” followed by a glass of house bubbly, a plate of carpaccio and a salad. Sunday night, anyone?

Can’t wait until Sunday? Garibaldi’s would be the perfect place to pre-game with a light meal before tomorrow night’s opening party for 701 Center for Contemporary Art’s Second Annual Great Garage Sale!

701 Center for Contemporary Art's Great Garage SaleFrom the 701 CCA website:

“Wine, Dine and Shop for a Great Find”

May 14, 6-9 pm

Silent Auction: 6-8 pm

For four days, browse through the unique collection of trash and treasures at 701 CCA’s Great Garage Sale. It’s a one-of-a-kind event, with useful things and funky finds, from fine art and crafts to mind boggling books and gently used and vintage items. Have a great time and walk away with a treasure or two.

Come support 701 CCA’s programs at 701 CCA’s Great Garage Sale where the art meets the shopping cart, May 14-17. Wine, dine and shop for a great find at the garage sale preview party, Wednesday, May 14, 6-9pm! Complimentary hors d’oeuvres will be provided by The Gourmet Shop and Silver Spoon. Beer and wine will also be served donated by Morganelli’s.

The garage sale continues Thursday and Friday, noon-4pm, and Saturday 8am-noon. $5 all-you-can-carry-bags will be available at 11:45am, Saturday, May 17. Come join us at the 2nd Annual 701 CCA Great Garage Sale in support of the organization.

See you there!


The Shop Tart for Fig

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