Oh, Baan, how I love you.

Dry rose at Baan Sawan

I don’t have a great tolerance for children. I like (and love!) my own, and I find yours interesting enough, but I prefer the company of adults. Luckily, my own children are capable of adult conversation, which makes them excellent children indeed. My husband was out of town this weekend, so I was in charge. Parenting without breaks is hard for me, because there are no breaks. By Saturday night, I was ready to go out on the town, but I wasn’t looking my best.

In a nod to the snowfall* of that morning, I was wearing snow boots, some sort of black jeans leggings hybrid, and a schlubby sweater. Though I probably don’t need to add this, my hair was a wild mess. When a friend agreed to have dinner with me, my first instinct was to head somewhere dark and out of the way, where I wouldn’t be seen. But life is too short, and I wanted to go to Baan Sawan, the perfect place to recover from a whole two grueling days of parenting one’s very own children**. In my experience, it is better to mentally redefine one’s outfit than actually change clothes. I threw on a fur coat and convinced myself I was rocking a great aprés-ski look. Way too glamorous too be photographed. PS I don’t ski. Well I did, this one time when I was 13.

We sat at the bar, of course, where adult conversation abounds. As always, I let Sam pick my wine. The dry rosé he was pouring that night was a particularly good one. I like to start my meal — all my meals, actually — with something hot and crispy, so my friend and I split an order of spring rolls. So perfect for aprés-ski. I marveled at the new diorama under the glass bar, a beautiful display of vintage glassware.

Pinot bianco at Baan Sawan.

Later, we tried a few other wines, including this pinot bianco from northern Italy. Are you a crispy white wine drinker? Do you want something a little more full bodied for winter? This is it. We both ordered from the specials board, a sous-vide beef dish and my own sawai ginger. Do I even need to tell you that dinner was delicious?

Baan Sawan, where everybody knows your name, and Sam knows exactly what you want to drink, is the perfect spot for aprés-ski. More importantly, it’s the perfect place to go for amazing food and wine and plenty of witty adult company. See you there next time?

* What the heck was that, Carolina?

** So grueling, in fact, that I got a little mouthy.

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6 comments on “Oh, Baan, how I love you.
  1. Hester H. Davies says:

    Need suggestions for meals for first-timers! Always want to head there but no luck yet! Sounds perfect!

    • The specials are always delicious! Also, the servers are knowledgeable, and glad to make recommendations. If you sit at the bar, you may even be able to experience Sam’s expertise in pairing wine and beer with food. Whatever you pick, be open to experimenting!

  2. Katherine Frankstone says:

    Baan Sawan is one of the things we miss the most since leaving Columbia! Charleston has lots of wonderful places but we haven’t been able to clone Sam & Alex yet! And I agree with your Daily Digress too…

    • Thank you, Katherine. Come back and see us sometime, if only for dinner at Baan! (And thank you for your support — that post was tough for me to write, because I shy away from being critical so publicly.)

  3. Lindsey says:

    Is that you in the Kirkman Finlay commercial ad? I thought it was pretty cool!

    • Uh. I don’t think so? I haven’t seen it. Are we talking background or talking? If it was talking, wasn’t me, because I wouldn’t publicly support a candidate. But maybe I am wandering around in the background of an ad? lol

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