Happy Hour, Italian Style! Plus: A Cheap Treat

Sometimes, at the end of the day, you just want a glass of wine. And a small snack, just enough to tide you over until supper. When I was in Italy, which seems like a long, long time ago, it seemed like every time we stopped for a late afternoon glass of prosecco, our dewy glasses would be brought to the table with a small bowl of chips. Not the type of bowl you hunker down in front of the television with, just a small one, with just enough chips to complement the wine and take the edge off. Every so often, I totally make that snack at home. Pretty easy. A pretty bowl and linens make it way classier, like you’re not just hoovering up some chips and chugging a glass of cheap wine from your fridge.

Afternoon Snack, Italian Style

Alternately, I love a more elaborate afternoon snack, like this one some girlfriends and I put together on a recent cold Saturday afternoon on Isle of Palms.

Elaborate Winter Beach Snack for Ladies

Elaborate Winter Beach Snack for Ladies

There is something about snacking, maybe it’s the absence of having to cook, that’s just so relaxing. On our recent beach trip, my friends and I decided not to cook. We made a snacks only rule. No kids, no dressing up, and no real meals! We had a lovely time, goshdarnit.

And now for the cheap treat, as promised! Mrs. Meyer’s stuff is awesome. You can find it at Target, World Market, Rosewood Market, Whole Foods, Publix…pretty much anywhere. It’s all pretty great. The scents are not cloying, the cleaning products actually work, and the packaging is inoffensive. (Not that inoffensive packaging used to matter, but we’ve been raised on a diet of Martha Stewart photo spreads, in which even the cleaning products somehow looked chic. But we would expect no less of Martha, who can pretty much rock anything, anywhere.) The candles are heavenly. Geranium is my personal jam at the moment for the living and sleeping areas of our house; the kitchen gets Iowa pine (totally on sale right now, but you may have to go to the website, because I bought all but one at the Garners Ferry Target) or basil.

Mrs. Meyer's candles are pretty much the best.

I have burned candles that were much fancier (read, expensive), and they were smoky. Mrs. Meyer’s has figured out the secret, whatever it is, and these candles burn clean. Bonus: You can reuse the jars for random things later.

In other news, I was alive in the seventies, and there is photographic evidence. I recently had this one framed, at Havens (1616 Gervais Street, 803-256-1616), where they were willing and able to find an era-appropriate frame. I love it when people get me.

My Family, in the Seventies

What’s making you happy these days?
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4 comments on “Happy Hour, Italian Style! Plus: A Cheap Treat
  1. Basil Garzia says:

    You’ve got to be the one in the jumper (before you could decide on your own wardrobe). Cute, nonetheless.

    • I am! And I loved that jumper. The flap at the top opened and there was a giraffe face in it. I’m not sure, but I would bet I had my hand in my jumper because I had been asked to stop messing with the giraffe and look at the camera. My parents would have just moved back here from Germany in that pic, and I bet my mom was exasperated!

  2. My sister and I just did the same thing…at my house on IOP! Lol! Maybe she was channelling the vibe of her Italy visit, last summer. Thanks for reminding me that’s it’s the simple things that add enjoyment to our lives. : )

  3. Jean says:

    I lived in Italy for 4 years, right outside of Venice. The drink at Mirenda time there was prosecco with apernol or another liquor I can’t think of right now. A great lifestyle! I enjoyed your talk today at the southeast library!

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