Blogging again, finally!

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It’s been a minute. I mean, okay, way more than a minute! And I’m pretty much only blogging about food now. Well, and maybe manners (even though mine are questionable) and parenting (even though mine is more than questionable, problematic, even). But maybe you’d like to take a look anyway?

Summer tomatoes

You can read about my favorite no-cook summer sides, perfect for using up all of South Carolina’s delicious summer bounty from Soda City.


Worried about your internet manners? You already know the rules, now go out and use them, especially during the season of, er, political unrest.

Or maybe you’re too busy to read, and you just want to see pretty pictures, like this one I took of one of the greatest hand rolls I’ve ever eaten, at Saki.

So how are you? And what have you been doing for fun this summer? Did you make it to the Tasty Tomato Festival at City Roots? How about last night’s Baan Sawan dinner at the War Mouth? What are you doing on Tuesday? How about join me for a city wide happy hour to support the Harriet Hancock Center? I’ll be at Art Bar. Hooray!


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6 comments on “Blogging again, finally!
  1. Debbie McD. says:

    So Happy The Shop Tart is baaaack!!!

  2. Colleen Bozard says:

    Saki’s really does have the most wonderful rolls in all of Columbia!

  3. You have been much missed! !!!

  4. Jean says:

    Nice to hear from you again!

  5. Mary Zukerberg says:

    Yea missed ya

  6. Susannah Farley says:

    Thank goodness you are back. I have always relied on your restaurant recommendations when my Richmond friends come to visit. Well last year I had to wing it, and the results? – not good.

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