Want to know where to get the best coffee in town?

There are some great places, Drip included, but y’all know about those. If I want a coffee experience, Drip is my place. But the place I go for coffee most often is a little different, though it’s also locally owned. It’s the Corner Pantry, y’all. Like father, like daughter, because my dad loved it, too.


My children are the best. They brought me this Corner Pantry mug from the #gamecockbasketball game. Refills are 99 cents and the coffee’s great! #cornerpantry
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Back in February, my thoughtful children went to a basketball game and brought me back a Corner Pantry refillable mug. Pretty sure they somehow got it for free, but at least they knew well enough to recognize that it was a gift I’d love.

Refills are 99 cents ($1.09 with tax), the service is friendly, and the coffee is delicious. There are choices! Like Colombian, French roast, decaf, hazelnut, and more. I go with about five parts decaf to one part hazelnut, just a splash for flavor. (Go ahead. Mock the fact that I like a touch of flavored coffee. I don’t care, because I was never going to be cool anyway!) My favorite Corner Pantry is on Assembly Street because it’s in between my house and my office. And if the line is long? They’re happy for me to leave my $1.09 on the counter, waving as I hold up my refillable cup and head out the door. But there are plenty of Corner Pantries around town, and you can find one near you. But it’s worth going out of your way, at least a little.


Heck, yes, I will go out of my way on a road trip to get to a Corner Pantry. Because the one dollar coffee is excellent. @annewolfepostic on Instagram

Heck, yes, I will go out of my way on a road trip to get to a Corner Pantry. Because the one dollar coffee is excellent.
@annewolfepostic on Instagram

The Corner Pantry is headquartered right here in Columbia, and I hear they’re very generous with local charities, so know that a good portion of your 99 cents is staying right here in Columbia! Also? Buying coffee at Corner Pantry is cheaper than making it at home, so there. And if you’re the sort of person who buys gas, you can fill up while you’re grabbing your coffee.

In other news, I recently put up a post on my blog about that age old dilemma: what do you do when Grandma’s recipe calls for a can of soup and you don’t have one? Don’t worry. You can make your very own canned soup, and it’s easy! Find out how.

dried mushrooms

No canned soup? No problem. Here’s how to make your own in just a few minutes!

So, what have you been up to in the kitchen? And where do you get coffee when you’re in a hurry and money’s tight?

Come find me other places around the worldwide internets!

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2 comments on “Want to know where to get the best coffee in town?
  1. Cherry Reidenbach says:

    I plead guilty. My favorite coffee is a Large Iced French Vanilla Coffee – from McDonald’s.

    I call it my “Happy Drink”. LOL!

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