How was your Easter?


Instagram photos are never the best, especially after a couple of Jell-O shots.

Instagram photos are never the best, especially after a couple of Jell-O shots.

If you celebrated yesterday, how was it? And if Easter isn’t on your calendar, how was your weekend? The weather was darn near perfect and I hope we all enjoyed it.

We had 35 people for Easter dinner and everyone brought something, which means the food was much better than if I had made everything myself. One guest even brought petits fours and deviled eggs—that were actually Jell-O shots! It was awesome.

The only thing I actually made for Easter dinner was butterflied leg of lamb. (Ordered the lamb, already butterflied, from New York Butcher Shop and used a fantastic recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. Straight up bought the ham from Honeybaked Ham, because why try to improve on perfection?)

But I have been cooking, just not on such a grand level. Over on the Goodwill blog, I’ve also been reminiscing over my favorite small appliance, which happens to be older than I am. And I made up a quiz for Free Times to help you find the exact right kind of summer camp for your kids. (Disclaimer: Quiz is not scientific and is for entertainment purposes only, but I won’t fault you if you take the advice anyway.) For The Kitchn, I answered the question you’ve been asking for years: When should you try a DIY appliance repair?

What other questions do you have? I offer advice with abandon. Most of it’s dubious, but at least I usually include jokes with the advice.

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