Summer! It’s here.

Columbia’s dead in the summer and you know what? I’m fine with that. It’s super relaxing!

Dinner and a movie is the best.


{Connie Britton, Salma Hayek, John Lithgow: These are all people I like.}

There are some great movies at The Nick (Beatriz at Dinner! Paris Can Wait! The Lego Movie!), you can get into all your favorite restaurants, and you can break up the long hot weeks with trips to the beach. (Or the mountains, but I’m a beach person. But if invited to your mountain house, I will absolutely show up and have a blast.)

City vacations are the best.

Earlier this summer, I went to New York, had so much fun I didn’t even take any pictures. And I saw Nick Cave. If you have a chance, you should definitely catch a show.

Beach vacations are the best.

I’ve been at the beach, Edisto-style…

Responsible day-drinking is key.

While I was there, I wrote a post for Southern Living, which you can read here.

I day drink at the beach, but responsibility.
{I day drink at the beach, but responsibly.}

Writing is my favorite thing to do.

Speaking of Southern Living, I’ve written a few posts for them, all linking to recipes on my blog. (This is my favorite kind of writing, so I hope you enjoy it. Please? Please? Does that sound needy?)

This Beachy Cocktail is Made for Day Drinking

The Casserole to Make When There’s Nothing in the Fridge

Here’s How to Throw a Party for One (or More) with Tea Sandwiches

I also have a couple of new posts on The Kitchn. The most recent was about my mild loyalty to Cool Whip. The kids on Facebook were offended. Ouch. (Who am I kidding? I love the attention.) I also wrote about my first trip to Aldi. People have big feelings about Aldi! Definitely more positive than their feelings about Cool Whip. I wonder how they would feel abut an Aldi brand whipped topping? I won’t be writing about it, but you’re more than welcome to the idea if you need some drama.

Reading on vacation is the best.

This week, I’m at the beach, Isle of Palms-style…with a bunch of friends!

I brought a bunch of books to the beach. I've read some of them, so those are for sharing.

{I brought a bunch of books to the beach. I’ve read some of them, so those are for sharing.}

What else is new? I transport frozen body parts in Uber now. Well, I did once, and I had a good reason.

So, what have you been up to?

P.S. Something New: Are you just here for the recipes? All of those are posted on my personal blog. Is there one missing that you just know I had somewhere? I probably missed it. Let me know and I’ll add it.
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