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Well, hello there. It’s almost fall, isn’t it? What are we up to, other than getting back to a routine if you have children or just getting back to work if you’ve taken a couple vacations this summer? Here’s what I’m into.

The eclipse was something else, wasn’t it?

Me staring at the eclipse of 2017, with safety glasses in place, of course

{Many thanks to @walkermckay for snapping this picture of me watching the sun come up. Or out. #eclipse #eclipsecolumbiasc #totality #hhes #totaleclipsecae}

We went and watched it at our sons’ school and it was nothing short of spectacular. We felt lucky to be in Columbia, South Carolina, right there in the path of totality. Now we can check this one off the list!

Blogging about pimiento cheese for Southern Living? Yes, please.

pimiento cheese with crackers and pickled peppers

{Let’s stop being so precious about pimiento cheese. It’s all good.}

I blogged about my love affair with pimiento cheese for Southern Living, and I put the recipe on my blog. Spoiler alert: I think we southerners get a little over-dramatic about pimiento cheese. I mean, gush all you want about how delicious it is and how it’s such a versatile food, good on and in everything, really. But the only essential ingredients are cheese and pimientos because they’re in the title. What else you put in pimiento cheese is your business, and I love all the variations. What’s your secret ingredient? Come on—share! Please.

Blogging about the secret ingredient for perfect pie crust for Southern Living? Also a lot of fun!

crumbly flour and butter in a food processor

{Just one of the simple steps to making perfect pie crust.}

I’ve tried to come up with an easy way to make consistently good tart crust for roughly 100 years, and I’ve finally done it. I’m no baker—given that chemistry and art are elusive skills for me—but I think I’ve finally found a foolproof method for making pie crust. Find out my secret ingredient for pâte brisée and how I use that recipe for super easy weeknight dinners.

Yes, bloggers do occasionally get stuff for free.

Stemless #Gamecock wine tumblers? It's like @tervis looked into my brain and figured out what my #tailgate needed most. #partyon — @annewolfepostic on Instagram, September, 2016

{Stemless #Gamecock wine tumblers? It’s like @tervis looked into my brain and figured out what my #tailgate needed most. #partyon — @annewolfepostic on Instagram, September, 2016}

But those of us who don’t solicit it are always pleasantly surprised when a brand pays attention and sends a present. It’s exciting! And you may get some cool stuff!

I don’t know if I blog often enough to have earned “blogger” as a title, but I try. And I may be able to do a little bit more, because starting tomorrow, I won’t be going into the office on Fridays. Hooray! I’ve christened them #freelancefridays since that’s how I plan to use the time. (Parents? You know how much work you get done when you’re home alone on a random weekday? So much. So, so much. I can’t wait!) And I have something fun in the works…

How about an advice column for Free Times?

I’ve always wanted an advice column. What writer doesn’t? You don’t have to think of the subject and you get to boss people around. Is that amazing or what? I’ve been giving out unsolicited advice for years, some of it better than the rest, so this will be a lot of fun (for me) and possibly helpful (for people who actually solicit my advice). As always, I suggest you take my advice with a grain of salt, which is what the column will be called: Grain of Salt.

This won’t be the first time Free Times readers have gotten advice from me. I’ve written about things like maintaining friendships between the child-free and the child-burdened and why you shouldn’t post all of your joy on social media.

And now I need questions! What do you want to know? I’m looking forward to offering dubious advice on everything from cooking to child-rearing, from friendship to romance, from…well, ask me anything. My goal is to make things easier for you, and to help you protect other people’s feelings as much as possible (and we all know it’s not always possible, but we should try).

Free Times has set up an email address for questions and you can remain anonymous. I’ll actually have a lot of fun making up identifying details, so don’t worry.

Email me at for all the answers. (Well, some answers.) Can’t wait to hear from you!

The Kitchn is one of my favorite freelance gigs. Maybe my favorite. (Don’t tell the other ones?)

I have a few new things up for The Kitchn, and they’re always a lot of fun to write. What have I done for them lately? Well…

The Best Thing You Can Do Before Going to the Farmers Market
A Short Guide to Navigating the Farmers Market with Kids
Lemonade Stands Are Getting Shut Down Left and Right
5 Tips to Help Your Kids Pack Their Own School Lunches
One Mom’s 5 Roles for After-School Snacks
So You Forgot to Defrost the Chicken. Here’s How to Save Dinner.

So…that’s about it. What have you been up to? Ready for tailgate season?

P.S. Are you just here for the recipes? All of those are posted on my personal blog. Is there one missing that you just know I had somewhere? I probably missed it. Let me know and I’ll add it.
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