Grain of Salt: Advice You Didn’t Ask For and May Not Even Want

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When I was young, I had big dreams, fueled by our two local papers. Every day, I rushed out to get the paper, and then rushed to the paper box again in the afternoon, when the Columbia Record would arrive. Both The State and The Record had advice columns, and I loved them. Ann Landers, Dear Abby, Ask Beth, and even Heloise, because who can’t use a little cleaning advice? When Ladies Home Journal arrived, I’d turn right to “Can this Marriage Be Saved,” though I was years away from my own marriage and not even all that into the institution itself. I mean, I was eight. Miss Manners? Also my jam.

I loved the practical advice and the way those ladies had an answer for everything. They were my heroes.

Well, I’m finally getting my chance. This afternoon, my first advice column went up on the Free Times website and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Wish me luck? Without further ado …

Read it → Grain of Salt on Free Times

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What else have I been up to? Well, plenty. You can see my new work on Southern Living, The Kitchn, and a few other places on my website.

Hennessy Manhattan

I’ve also published a few new recipes there recently.

New on the blog:

Pineapple casserole in individual bacon cups (come at me)

The easiest edible gift you’ll ever make (perfect for slackers like me)

Need a night in? Might I recommend two friends, a bottle of Hennessy VSOP Privilège, and some great cocktail recipes?

Cheese Plate

I’m also writing a new column for Columbia Living that will be published in Wilmington Magazine and Charleston Living, too. The column is called “Perfectly Capable,” because I think you’re capable of so much more than you know and I don’t think we need Pinterest to do it. Take a look at the first installment and tell me what else you want to know how to do as easily as possible.

Read it → Perfectly Capable: Hosting an After Work Dinner Party on Columbia Living

Here’s to a lovely, relaxed holiday season of doing all the parts you enjoy and skipping the parts you don’t. I support you. And if you have any questions? Email them to and I’ll answer them in an upcoming Grain of Salt!

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Or let’s just hang out!

P.S. Nope, I don’t know what’s going on with Fig and why the blog looks kind of funny. I do know that I’ve archived all the posts so if they take it down, the posts won’t disappear!

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2 comments on “Grain of Salt: Advice You Didn’t Ask For and May Not Even Want
  1. Mary Sparrow says:

    Good work.. love your writing, your connection to us all and your spirit!

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