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Dang. Columbia is one great place to be!

First artichokes and bagna cauda of the season. Happy! - theshoptart on instagram

This week, since her return from the beach where she enjoyed many artichokes, several lovely sunsets and a beach walk or two, the Shop Tart has been enjoying the heck out of Indie Grits. She is also thrilled to announce […] Read On


Runaway Runway 2014!

So…this is going to have to be quick and dirty. The Shop Tart has two tickets to give away to Runaway Runway tonight. Why so late? She forgot. Yup. Totally. So, this is for all you slackers in the house, […] Read On

Two Tasty Tour Routes for Columbia Open Studios, by Sheldon Paschal

701 CCA Board Chair Wim Roefs and Executive Director Sheldon Paschal at the 2013 Columbia Open Studios Preview Party

Hooray for a Guest Blog by Sheldon Paschal, Executive Director of 701 Center for Contemporary Art… A Columbia native, I moved back to Soda City a couple of years ago and was thrilled to become the first-ever Executive Director of […] Read On

Eating healthy, while preserving your right to party.

Exercise is fun.

The Shop Tart likes to party. This is an established, well documented fact. She also likes to feel good and, the older she gets, the more important that is. She has to do things like exercise, and eat healthy food. […] Read On

Five excellent lunches.

Bún with chicken at Phở Việt in Columbia, South Carolina

January is when we take the time to catch up with friends. Lunch is an excellent time to talk, because, after all these snow days, you need something fun to break up your day! The Shop Tart has loads of […] Read On

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