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Some places are just beautiful.

Strange and beautiful at Gallery West

Have you been to Gallery West on State Street? Please go. This place is absolutely lovely, full of original, beautiful things in all price ranges. There are a few strange and beautiful things, too, like the painting below. The Shop […] Read On

Want to get pretty? How about a facial and a new tinted sunscreen?

Physical Fusion UV Defense with SPF 50 from Eva Skin Care

A week ago, the Shop Tart looked in the mirror and felt sad, because her skin looked dull. And splotchy. Not a good combo. (Though she wonders if splotchy and shiny would have been better. Probably not.) Anyhow, she drank […] Read On

Hooray for the Oak Table!

Dessert at the Oak Table

First of all…hi there! The Shop Tart has missed you. Now that her blog is officially right here on FigĀ® Columbia’s website, home at last, she’s ready to get started blogging again. Tuesday evening’s Fig launch party at the Oak […] Read On

Photo of Anne Postic

Anne Postic

The Shop Tart

Local arbiter of all that is fresh, fashionable and flavorful in Columbia, the Shop Tart has been blogging about shopping, eating and having a great time since 2008.

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