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Oh, Baan, how I love you.

I don’t have a great tolerance for children. I like (and love!) my own, and I find yours interesting enough, but I prefer the company of adults. Luckily, my own children are capable of adult conversation, which makes them excellent […] Read On

7 Things That Are Nice Right Now

First things first: The Shop Tart I have decided to drop the third person thing. It’s time, right? Right. I started to feel like I was talking about the Shop Tart behind her back, which was kind of awkward. Anyhow… […] Read On

M Boutique for Summer!

M Boutique at Cross Hill Market in Columbia, South Carolina

Do you like bright colors? Clothes that are comfortable? And clothes that won’t wipe out your whole budget? Summer dollars should be spent on sunscreen, gas to get to the beach, cold beverages and fresh, local produce. As long as […] Read On

Stuff for your lips that does it all!

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Bond No. 9 at Pout

The Shop Tart is addicted to Fresh’s Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment from Pout. It does it all! It’s lipstick, because it adds color to your lips. So far, the Shop Tart loves Plum (a vampy dark purple) and Cherry (a […] Read On

High and Low at Coplon’s.

Hunter Boots from Coplon's in Columbia, South Carolina

A few weeks ago, when everyone was freaking out and going to the store to buy milk, eggs and bread, the Shop Tart patted herself on the back, smugly thinking of the venison and chicken stock in the freezer, her […] Read On

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Anne Postic

The Shop Tart

Local arbiter of all that is fresh, fashionable and flavorful in Columbia, the Shop Tart has been blogging about shopping, eating and having a great time since 2008.

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