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Want to know where to get the best coffee in town?

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There are some great places, Drip included, but y’all know about those. If I want a coffee experience, Drip is my place. But the place I go for coffee most often is a little different, though it’s also locally owned. […] Read On

Cozy lunch, kickin’ it old-school.

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Baby, it’s cold outside. Maybe you even have the sniffles. Don’t you want to just hunker down in a dark booth and eat some comfort food? You don’t? You want a salad instead? The Shop Tart knows the place for […] Read On

Look of the Week!

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Finally, the weather can be described as crisp! Which means it’s time to pick out a pretty wrap sweater (or three…or four…) and a pair of boots (or three…or four…) and a jacket (or….you know where this is going.) The […] Read On

Lunch at Garden Bistro, Coffee and Cookies at Cloud Nine

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Garden Bistro in the Vista might be one of the cutest restaurants in all of Columbia. And they have a parking lot, which is a huge bonus if you have an actual job to get back to and you want […] Read On

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