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Summer! It’s here.

I brought a bunch of books to the beach. I've read some of them, so those are for sharing.

Columbia’s dead in the summer and you know what? I’m fine with that. It’s super relaxing! Dinner and a movie is the best. {Connie Britton, Salma Hayek, John Lithgow: These are all people I like.} There are some great movies […] Read On

High and Low at Coplon’s.

Hunter Boots from Coplon's in Columbia, South Carolina

A few weeks ago, when everyone was freaking out and going to the store to buy milk, eggs and bread, the Shop Tart patted herself on the back, smugly thinking of the venison and chicken stock in the freezer, her […] Read On

Delicious, Healthy Pizza Crust? Yes!

Pizza on Sami's Low Carb Crust

The Shop Tart tries to be healthy. She also tries to cook things that her family will eat. Being the only lady in her family, she is alone in her lack of desire to consume large quantities of pasta drenched […] Read On

Well, hello there! Who wants a festive holiday lunch?

Hampton Street Vineyard beef stew

It’s that time of year — when you call a friend for lunch for no reason whatsoever — and realize that it’s totally okay to have wine, because Christmas. Not a Jesus person? Doesn’t matter. You can still have wine […] Read On

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Anne Postic

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Local arbiter of all that is fresh, fashionable and flavorful in Columbia, the Shop Tart has been blogging about shopping, eating and having a great time since 2008.

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