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7 Things That Are Nice Right Now

First things first: The Shop Tart I have decided to drop the third person thing. It’s time, right? Right. I started to feel like I was talking about the Shop Tart behind her back, which was kind of awkward. Anyhow… […] Read On

High and Low at Coplon’s.

Hunter Boots from Coplon's in Columbia, South Carolina

A few weeks ago, when everyone was freaking out and going to the store to buy milk, eggs and bread, the Shop Tart patted herself on the back, smugly thinking of the venison and chicken stock in the freezer, her […] Read On

Who wants to dress like a French girl?

Isabelle Marant at Coplon's

Or woman? Or lady? Une femme française? At some point or another, we all do. Right? Mais oui. Well, Coplon’s has your back, with a little help from Isabelle Marant. That dress would pretty much make you the coolest chick […] Read On

It’s cold, y’all!

Posted in Fig Columbia

Every December, the Shop Tart pats herself on the back, so proud she had the good sense to settle in South Carolina, where kids can ride new bikes on Christmas morning without coats thanks to the gentle temperatures. Every January, […] Read On


Posted in Fig Columbia

The whirlwind is over. Wasn’t it fab? The Shop Tart loves January, a time to relax and go low-key after all the hustling and bustling in December. Speaking of The Hustle, the Shop Tart wore a jumpsuit on New Year’s […] Read On

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Anne Postic

The Shop Tart

Local arbiter of all that is fresh, fashionable and flavorful in Columbia, the Shop Tart has been blogging about shopping, eating and having a great time since 2008.

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