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Garibaldi’s: still awesome after all these years.

Soft shell crab at Garibaldi's.

The Shop Tart loves Garibaldi’s. How could she not? Everything about it makes her happy. The food is always good, the drinks cold, and the service classically friendly. Have you noticed some changes on the menu? Garibaldi’s is keeping the […] Read On

Best bars for dinner.

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Sigh…the vacation is over…back to reality. The Shop Tart tried desperately to get a job as a fitness instructor at Club Med so she wouldn’t have to leave, but in the end chose her family over a life spent relaxing […] Read On

Gobble, gobble.

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, y’all! The Shop Tart loves this week, a time when you never know who will be in town visiting. She thinks you should go out every single night, just to see who you might run into. If […] Read On

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Local arbiter of all that is fresh, fashionable and flavorful in Columbia, the Shop Tart has been blogging about shopping, eating and having a great time since 2008.

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